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Battle on June 20 2020


  • Yo, you and M-Savage wanted to see if I've improved or not
  • My thought is that I have due to pot
  • I'm actually kidding, I don't smoke weed, yet
  • I got loads of cash... I'mma flash my dough
  • I got so much cash, I can be off your debt
  • I got dope ass rhymes, I just spat some examples
  • Like opening a door with 5 handles, I might just take a drug test by using someone else's urine samples
  • I got rhymes that is better than red apples
  • I might trample on a person and make it a scandal and light a candle on the mantel while wearing a mantle


  • This 21 ain't savage I'll shock him like I'm Black Lightning
  • I'm the shark god I'm sending in fleets like a motherfucking Viking
  • It's time you come out from your shire Bilbo Baggins hobbit looking ass
  • You can run but you can't hide I see you through the looking glass
  • Your bars are trash and you cannot compare to me
  • I'll treat like you like the church treats gays electroshock therapy
  • I killed a possum that looked like you and fed it to my dog
  • You should be repenting or prepare to face the wrath of God
  • Them teeth a problem homie you should get that shit fixed
  • I lead cults like Wicker Man bro you'll get burned in that shit
  • Scotland's a shitty country it's just gray skies and cold
  • This boy be hiding under a bridge making travelers pay a toll
  • That Michael Jackson mix you made was shit like all your fucking tracks
  • You made a song called White Lives Matter and claim that you don't hate blacks
  • When you used the fuckin N word and called them monkeys so that ain't racist?
  • You need a lobotomy just like you need braces
  • Anyways today's special ed class is done today
  • Cuz I just buried 21 Pence like money in the grave

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