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Battle on July 2 2020


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  • V1: Ceeingee or should I call you 21 Below Average
  • Your rhymes are garbage I'm a savage I go sicko mode like Travis
  • King of meme rap's back so welcome to the Superdome
  • When I rap people can hear me I don't need no megaphone
  • Your animations are just shitty MS paint
  • With that Dumb and Dumber haircut eyebrows look like a taint
  • You cant rap for shit you're literally just rambling
  • I'll jump up and down on your corpse and treat it like a trampoline
  • Your beats are terrible who's the retarded chimp on piano
  • The 808s off beat someone cut my ears off like Van Gogh
  • Bet this dude fingers his sister incest shit call that a banjo
  • I'll be with sorority bitches down in Orlando
  • While you're out in Scotland fucking your sheep churning your butter
  • Your ugly ass lookin like Wormtail outta Harry Potter
  • With your pig nose and your rat face I will be gladly honored
  • To take you out to the barn like a cow you'll be fuckin slaughtered
  • And I don't usually teach Special ed classes but now
  • You're the exception today's lesson is on how to swim now
  • Tie a brick to both your legs and just let yourself sink in deep
  • Then we won't hear your racist bullshit as you're struggling to breathe


  • Yung Shark God, what sort of name is that?
  • It sounds more wacker than a whacking sound of a baseball bat
  • I listened to a track, it's really wack
  • Not my cup of tea, I'll rather sniff coke, smack and crack
  • Don't take offense, I know the truth hurts
  • Like getting your money stolen by a couple of whore sluts
  • What kind of rapper are you anyway?
  • Your face ain't showing much places
  • There's a pic of a guy at the seaside topless but with a shark head hiding his actually head, is that you?
  • At least I ain't afraid to show my face a lot
  • I'll even show my face on a billboard
  • There's YT thumbnail of a black man, is that you?
  • It probably is
  • The lyrics you spit ain't as good as the lyrics I spit, I got shit better than you
  • To be honest, I ain't that liked on RapPad but I think my shit is good, but your shit, I am not sure to call it good
  • Wack? Maybe
  • What kind of insults have you got for me, I bet it's not as a lot, and if it is then it will not be as good
  • That shark head looks like a soft toy shark head
  • Could you not get a real shark head
  • There should be at least one out there to chroma key
  • It looks wack, ugly to be honest
  • I could make a lot better song art or cover art than you
  • DopeSoull done it better with his song
  • That beat with your voice ain't as good, couldn't listen to it for too long
  • You from the United States of America and I'm from Scotland
  • Are you gonna bite me Shark, oh, I like that
  • I'm now gonna call you Shark, hey Shark
  • Have ya got a tale to tell me or are you gonna be like Human are friends, not food
  • Did you come straight outta the hood like Niggaz With Attidude
  • If you're black, then you'll get offended by the fact that I said the word that is known as and is basically used more by the word I'm gonna use here to state that I already used and to say this, niggaz
  • If you are black then here's a question, do you just think that just your life matters
  • I can vision your blood splatters all over the wall with your brain matters and fecal matters and some in Christmas crackers
  • I just wanna say this that you're more lame than anyone I've known in my life
  • You come across me as someone who is wanna be fucked right up

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