Battles  Atlantian vs PsychoPuppet


Rules: 30 bars minimum, each bar must be less than 18 syllables. No specific topic. Come with some hard bars.

Max of 40 lines


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  • A lot of you radpad niggas can't come up with a hotline
  • And then you wonder why labels aren't ringing your hotline
  • Wearing 2 watches on my wrist but I still aint got no time
  • Said you wanna battle with me well okay please get in line
  • If I had to make minimum wage at pizza hut
  • I'd get fired for counting the dough
  • Said she wants to wait until the third date to fuck
  • I'm living life in the fast lane and that's too slow
  • I don't let any other nigga get his hands on my cash
  • Naw nigga this shit ain't play dough
  • How you wearing Nike but you still ain't do it?
  • Outcast, I don't really wanna get into it
  • I tell the heavy truth like Akademiks
  • By her head game I can tell she never skipped academics
  • Gave your girl my digits and after that all the inches
  • I'm a dog ass nigga, I don't worry about bitches
  • You only see the girl of your dreams in your dreams
  • Like she drafted to me, she's over here switching teams
  • And niggas on RadPad love to talk a lot of shit
  • After that they wanna talk it out like they didn't say shit
  • Their footprints are still fresh and they backtrack in it
  • I ain't really fucking with that shit
  • Ya'll must sending shots with silencers on
  • Cause no one's really hearing your shit
  • It would be appalling for a G to dish out apologies
  • Police never get a confession out of me
  • I only confess to my bitch and a priest if I feel guilty
  • Go ahead and type clown emojis
  • Cause I kill shit like Joker on the big screen
  • I only stop the beef if destruction is mutually guaranteed
  • I didn't do that shit for you or me
  • You niggas thought this shit was so funny
  • Till I broke your funny bones
  • I don't ever miss my ex's like I'm in a spelling bee
  • Oh she got a ring on? Cool, it's nothing but jewelry to me
  • I always go the extra mile for everything but a bitch
  • Stop waiting to diss me before you miss your moment


  • All these gun bars only peasants wanna best the king
  • Talkin bout a hotline when you never let it ring
  • What kinda dumbfuck has to wear more than one watch?
  • I know that seems like “drip” but it’s sort of just not
  • Only drip you got is ya career down the drain
  • I’m really in the field you the scarecrow without the brain
  • Talkin bout pizza hut but I slice those who cheesy up
  • Ya mother was thirsty it was only right she would need a cup
  • For the semen floods while I just take out ya soul
  • Writin bout play dough when you can’t break out the mold
  • I ain’t wearin Nike but I do it with ya girl
  • She wanted ice cream I let her lick the vanilla swirl
  • Talkin bout Outkast cause she went down south in bed
  • Oh you ain’t know she givin head? You must be without a head
  • Air em out cause real punchlines are paramount send em flyin through the air
  • Wanna talk academics? Get carried by 6 since you root for squares
  • I got the mark of the beast I’ll be damned if I lost to this mark
  • Only “dog” cause ya girl likes doggystyle and this a walk in the park
  • We can talk bout dreams when I put ya to rest
  • Everybody testin me till they get put to the test
  • Can’t say shit bout fire to me ya whole life you been a burnout
  • Fuck draftin teams can’t kick it with me you gonna be the first down
  • So dear “Joker on the big screen” you got the smallest penis
  • I done ate through more of these vegetables than Joaquin Phoenix
  • You only in a spellin bee cause you were always the teacher’s pet
  • Everybody claimin I ain’t shit on a beat ain’t beat me yet
  • Lemme know if you wanna rematch I’m always down for killin fools
  • And if you ain’t scared we could battle with more syllables
  • I heard bout you and Alyssa you such a little shit
  • Just cause you a pedophile you ain’t fuckin with the kid

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