Battles  YLG vs Maverick


Written Rap or Remix, No Recording You Can use a beat/instrumental No topic. Just kill tha beat

Max of 64 lines


Maverick won this battle!


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  • “ Ay DY this like a Wayne beat, “ beecause...this is a Wayne beat
  • Y’all cant hop on his instrumental, if it ain’t heat
  • I’ll leave a rappers dead, chalked on the pavement,
  • buried under concrete, y’all ain’t street
  • No auto, I tote a semi-auto
  • The bullets got you cracked, like Demi-Vato
  • I’m finna pop a Remi bottle wit a skinny model
  • You get hit wit a hollow..tip
  • With this infrared I click and follow, hit...
  • the target, and I never miss,
  • don’t get too ahead of ya self, I sever shit
  • Any time, day, place, and any weather bitch
  • Fuck school’s supplies, this metal is my only utensil
  • Put tools aside, put more lead in em than a mechanical pencil,
  • and I got a mechanical machine, it’s my defense mechanism
  • We can get mechanical and mean, I got an immense television
  • No auto, I am automatic, I tote a fully automatic
  • I’m more like Clank, but I don’t know how I dun got so ratchet
  • Y’all don’t want no action, y’all ain’t about that action, y’all fake as ( ass ) action figures
  • I don’t act or be actin niggas, with these wack and weak rappin niggas, I stay strapped and stay active with these heat packin hittas
  • I’m aimin the canon at em, collect kill-confirmed as I kill fam
  • Looking through the scope, like I got the final kill cam
  • I insert the clips and let the rounds roll,
  • like ending credits in a film, at the mall
  • With these extra clips I make em bow down,
  • then I shoot an extra...round...of applause
  • No auto, no Auto-Bot like a Decepticon
  • Handgun with extended clips turned to a rifle, transform like Megatron
  • No auto... park, I dip into the whip, mobile
  • No auto...start, it sit on those big o’ wheels
  • No Auto...Parts, but i’m a mechanic wit a big engine
  • Don’t start, cause you don’t want no parts...
  • with me, cause I let this heavy metal rock and it be spittin
  • Take my finga off the trigga, cause I will just lose control,
  • but the safety button still off, and let the gun keep goin off in cruise control
  • Let it ( IT ) fly like a balloon, in the sky
  • Get gunned down by a goon, then ya die
  • I’m shootin ...non-stop, i’m BOOMIN...bomb drop
  • I take ya life for a real trade, like a deal made at a Pawn Shop
  • Like Spider-Man in Endgame, i’m goin insta-kill...mode
  • I fire man it’s insane, i’m cold and finsta kill... those
  • It’s gon be an instant kill yo, As I roll like digits, pop...lottos
  • I’m ready for you, I got something for you
  • Call me four arms, you see I’m armed with mechanicals like Dock Otto
  • I got mo, mo...firearms than the Fire Nation
  • Coming down with poles, spraying like water hose,
  • and water hydrants like i’m at a Fire Station
  • I feel like Lil Wayne, i’m like the Mr BM-Junior
  • The baby mama of ya son made me a DM user
  • No R. Kells, I took the key out of ignition,
  • and Young Life Gang is the motto
  • Take this L, take no breaks, hit the gas, hit no breaks....
  • like no auto


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  • //begins @ 0:27 on instrumental
  • It's the same game again
  • You prepared a deck for the All-In Poker
  • Bring in the table chips
  • I can taste the win
  • I'm not sharin' them
  • You're already on some Jared Leto shit 'cause you're the salty Joker.
  • Compare the rest of the character set
  • Even unfairly, Lego's to pair 'em
  • Like dominoes in filed order, knock 'em and you'll be the first one fallin' over.
  • Show's over, *ding ding*
  • Yano my toilet's delux, so you sayin' Royal Flush,
  • I'm on that King shit.
  • Done takin' the piss, on
  • You nefarious little fairies like Miss Tink,
  • Come wipe my ass sanitary and don't forget my ding-a-ling.
  • You're homeschooled and still the class clown,
  • Daddy gives you swirlies,
  • Gettin' bullied for that potty mouth.
  • Wassup now? You're a one-trick-pony and that style's got me bored
  • You popped off the war, I responded with force,
  • And 8 people rated it 5 out of 5 across the board.
  • And nah it didn't take me days,
  • Layin' awake, shit's somethin' I jotted in the morn.
  • Kaze45, you're a Stan and it's clear
  • 'Cause Kaze is the second half of 'Kamikaze'
  • And Shade45 is what's drownin' out ya ears
  • Damn, always gettin' high
  • Damn, you the Prince of Crime
  • Why so serious? Bitch why,
  • You quite delirious if you think you a friend of mine.
  • Winner winner chicken dinner,
  • You sit there on the internet...
  • Callin' people ni-
  • Nincompoops, figures,
  • 'Cause your INCOME'S POOP
  • You ain't makin' FIGURES!
  • Yuh, I'm a deep thinker
  • You? Ain't much of a trickster
  • Me? Just ask Snoozy and Sebastian
  • Done did an interview by "fandom,"
  • Just to use it in battle,
  • And ghostwritten a boomerang diss-track against
  • "A dude name Maverick."
  • Kaze we're the same age mane, don't feel ashamed,
  • Let's schedule some training classes.
  • Practice makes perfect, I'm damn-near perfect,
  • So I'll make you practice.
  • Your bars have great length,
  • Those rhymes ain't takin' the cake,
  • They're all over the place and scattered.
  • That shouldn't take away the fact that,
  • You still can't create a stanza.
  • You act so fuckin' hard, you act so fuckin' hard,
  • You bloody-minded, criticizin' folks
  • But get disgruntled and arsed soon as someone tries to criticize you though?
  • Learn to structure your bars, motherfucker
  • So we can find the flow.

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