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Battle on February 15 2020


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  • //0:12
  • Blunt in my mouth yet you'll be thinking I'm drug free,
  • smokin' like the old days, dump 'em in my ash trays,
  • smoke in CPD headquarters like I own the place,
  • like Mr. Vorhees emerging from the crystal lake,
  • I emerged from the lake with a Ski Mask,
  • it's the killas of Gotham you can't sneak past,
  • gun in one hand, she giving me oral sex with her free hand,
  • no disrespect to Gucci yet I prefer a Hermes belt,
  • Gotham is my nest, I'm looking like a fashion killer,
  • smiling in the mug shot like it's my yearbook picture,
  • I like your natural body, no need for your boobs to look bigger,
  • I claim to be the King Of Gotham, darling I'll be your King,
  • fuck the slut 'till she caught an orgasm,
  • fuck the slut 'till she shakin' in her spasms,
  • had cum on her sheets of the mattress,
  • I'd be that pretty motherfucker, yes I'm pre-pre-pre-pretty,
  • Excuse me bitch did I stutter?
  • Very musically talented you'll think I sold my soul to Lucifer,
  • never gave a fuck about fame, I rap this shit for my culture,
  • I'm the Big Bad Wolfie finna do somethin' stupid,
  • uneducated yet I'm excellent with the vocabulary,
  • I'm deadly not friendly like my bully Mike in elementary,
  • fuck off my path wit' your bitch ass,
  • I'm upperclass therefore do you want my autograph?
  • My rhymes smooth like lubricants,
  • I'm the master of ceremonies in any environments;
  • I'll place your career in a terrifying predicament,
  • feel like I'm arrogant as Kanye tryin' to have it my way,
  • Griselda forever rappin' together under pressure,
  • don't give a shit what you like; I'm no trendsetter,
  • I'll write my own life story;
  • let it be the bestseller like the story of Rockefeller,
  • I prefer to see green faces, please don't consider me racist,
  • I'm making bangers like terrorists,
  • I'll trim your body like a chicken;
  • I'm cutting you effortless 'till you featherless.


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  • So we met again...
  • This one time you will end like hitler.
  • You got the fame, i got the flames. I play with fire, you play with ice.
  • Easy as that? So as i thought.
  • While im shitting I`ll be hitting. I`ll be switching of and on.
  • I`m doing things my way, cause i found the way i found the light.
  • I`m not afraid of things hitting me man. I Ain`t afraid, I Ain`t scared to take a hit.
  • If you, if I, If them, then what. If you wanna hit me a bit just make a beat then I`ll take a sit.
  • And I`ll hear a thing.
  • I`m a fucking wolverine, you can do what ya want but not for long.
  • Then I`ll recover, I`ll get the boost. And I`ll hit even harder.
  • I mean what i mean, you get what you gain that hows this goes.
  • You can hit me how much ya want, you can win how much ya want, but then I rise, and i rise.
  • The times it`ll be needed to win, needed to take a shot then give a shot.
  • Niggas saying bad, Niggas saying worse damn, I don`t give a damn.
  • But if i needed to say what i needed to say you`ll be already dead.

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