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Battle on February 16 2020


  • Not dopest MC but I'm constantly striving for greatness, even said some cruel shit to my enemies but don't quote my statements.
  • Using these rhymes to my advantage, I'm quite fantastic wit' the wordplay I crafted to go beyond my standards.
  • My mind's might ignite, yet I must keep writing, I'm never satisfied, must win this battle like its a gunfight.
  • Once I kill your existence 'n' eradicate the evidence; I'll plead to the Judge wit' innocence, and march with a mob promoting violence,
  • fuck morality when you won't heed your conscience, I'll still be obnoxious and heartless regardless if I'm slippin' into the Devil's darkness.
  • Everybody know me, I'm EM in the flesh, writing lyrics which are complex goin' over people's heads, okay I'm getting cocky!
  • You a victim lackin' wisdom and rhythm, disagree if you want I don't care for opinions,
  • ADUZ-MC you don't want these mega fists, I'm made of elements you'll get hit by these metal rings,
  • fuck you think I am? To beat me it will take several years; I'm fierce heightening up your fear,
  • I'll abolish and deconstruct your bones, like an engineer, makaveli in the flesh nevertheless you hate my success I guess.


  • You`ve got a shit to say. Ima go in this bitch.
  • If you wanna fight you`ve picked right.
  • I`ll hit ya so damn hard that even your four inches can feel it.
  • Theese niggas chromosones are over ninethousand. Quick someone get this bitch a doctor!
  • Couse you`ll be dead where you stand.
  • You want a battle, you`ve got a battle. I won the battle, you lost the battle.
  • Accept the facts while you can while you say.
  • Nothin stoppin me now, to end a miserable carrer like yours.
  • Somone get him a dicionary, couse his vision is scary. Rly how bad can you be to write that.
  • To say that shit. My shit bein lit so baby sit a bit till i get ya lit.
  • Don`t be hypocrite. Just couse im in the site at the rhymes i think thats now is the times of crimes
  • Sit a bit isn`t it the skit you`ve done to the rap?
  • I`ve got ya in thin bin so it`ll thought to escape for ya.
  • I got the beat i got the rhymes, all you`ve got is this thing you call
  • rap.

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