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Battle on November 4 2019


This rap was deleted.


  • I have no rivals, what happened to your smile?
  • You rap like b-rabbit, I'll slap you back to 8-mile.
  • Your fire burned out, no words are coming out of your mouth, who's choking now?
  • Drop you like POW, yeah it may be foul, but Who here is on the ground?
  • I kill you without a sound, I am the emperor now,
  • I patrol my grounds, don't get caught slippin or your out!
  • You rap fast, but I snap back, and my raps stack, till it's too high for you to come back,
  • now wherever you came from, you can walk back.
  • Ay, I'm about to create your career like paper maché, Then I'll destroy it with a lyrical ray!
  • Don't mess with me, I am the unbeatable enemy, your a fake, trash, emcee.
  • You spit bars, I spit rounds, you tub of lard, get of my ground,
  • I'll Assassinate you without a sound, I'm not playing around,
  • I'm a lyrical genius, your just a new age clown.
  • Literally, and figuratively, I'm gone,
  • I'm on a whole nother level, I keep going strong,
  • I can do this all day long, I'll decimate you, your gone.
  • I'm an entity that'll rip you apart entirely,
  • I stay fire for free, you can't step up to me, I'll kill you lyrically.
  • Look into my eyes, what do you see, a normal guy, or something extraordinary?
  • I floor it like a Chevy, so I can let you know my bars are heavy

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