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  • Ay,
  • I'm the center body, ya'll are the impediments,
  • I thought I told you not to fuck with me while i'm in my element,
  • Talking all this shit, ego bigger than an elephant,
  • I hope you know your not important, your just arrogant
  • You fucking narcissist,
  • You shot and missed,
  • I'm a lyricist,
  • I must insist,
  • that you resist putting all of that ice on your wrist,
  • I'm a perfectionist, bomb in this bitch like a terrorist,
  • walkin in with my new jacket, Leopard print,
  • This opportunity is heaven-sent,
  • your like ricegum, but ten times more irrelevant
  • your eating all this (Led), call you (Zeppelin)
  • Recording sound like noise whiter than my melanin,
  • 1 round from me is 10 shots of adrenaline,
  • I heal people with my lyrics, call it medicine
  • I built my own reputation,
  • you can't steal it like americans,
  • this is a murder, but I left no evidence,
  • This is it, I am fed up with,
  • All the shit thrown at me, this is the end of it
  • I just can't make sense of it,
  • Flow on point,
  • Call it magic, like Maleficent
  • I'll take this win, cause its definite

Still waiting for to respond.

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