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Battle on November 9 2019


  • Ay,
  • I'm the center body, ya'll are the impediments,
  • I thought I told you not to fuck with me while i'm in my element,
  • Talking all this shit, ego bigger than an elephant,
  • I hope you know your not important, your just arrogant
  • You fucking narcissist,
  • You shot and missed,
  • I'm a lyricist,
  • I must insist,
  • that you resist putting all of that ice on your wrist,
  • I'm a perfectionist, bomb in this bitch like a terrorist,
  • walkin in with my new jacket, Leopard print,
  • This opportunity is heaven-sent,
  • your like ricegum, but ten times more irrelevant
  • your eating all this (Led), call you (Zeppelin)
  • Recording sound like noise whiter than my melanin,
  • 1 round from me is 10 shots of adrenaline,
  • I heal people with my lyrics, call it medicine
  • I built my own reputation,
  • you can't steal it like americans,
  • this is a murder, but I left no evidence,
  • This is it, I am fed up with,
  • All the shit thrown at me, this is the end of it
  • I just can't make sense of it,
  • Flow on point,
  • Call it magic, like Maleficent
  • I'll take this win, cause its definite


  • I apologized a trillion times Uhh, addicts arise, when I arrive Stuntin' in some other jordan nines Felatio fetish, bicth's be hatein on me where I live This maze I'm in amazes me at times When they call me tiger stripes Also flyer then your bicth's deziner, this mothafucka got a nine to five sentence in jail and sometimes The .45 for you niggas with nine lives Penthouse on collins, money long as ocean drive Never wanted so bad for 2pac to be alive We ain't buying cds, we striving to live ain't hating on you, rock them shines used to have dark nights now it’s bright lights Daytime bus pass, now it’s night flightsWho know this be the life that i really live Niggas couldn’t tell if i was dead or alive Destined to win, get respect where i live And i'm on you rapper's ass like brake lights Niggas from where i'm from they don't fuck with fights Bring the battering ram where you live be way out in cali, got niggas wantin all types Blinded by all these street lights, up late, can't sleepless nights stared death in the eyes a couple times My passport got stamped before a couple rhymesHot man, god damn, killa cam be liveAnd i'm right behind him in a coupe that we driveYou worthless kid. nigga don't deserve to liveViolence on my uncle, was working with two strikesAll the time with this glock of minesI'm standing on the field full of land minesIma blow like i'm mothafuckin' sniffing linesThis ain't 1992 bullets tumblin' out no ninesI used to have a nine to fiveJust to make it in this broadway lightsCrooked cops got a nigga scared to driveThey say we living in troubled timesAye, lifes a bitch, and i'm cuffing minesMy dough in flipmode, what up to busta rhymesWhat we gotta do to surviveWe will never die, we are forever aliveNiggas in jerusalem, waitin for signsPicture me lettin this chump surviveYoung black male, crack sales got me three strikesBefore we see it's hard to liveBut let me thank destiny i'm still aliveSkinny cracker, i don't get in many fights...Pay my dues, go to school, pierce the game with verbal knivesSince i was nine, those bullies still crossed the linesThought i was looking at the right signsEndless the days, forever the nights,And sharpen your knives and keep ruining livesEnough rhymes to maybe try to help get some people through tough timesCome get a taste, of the these coca linesLess stress/ i express best/with flows and linesI dare a nigga try to make a meal outta whats mines
  • free rap contest got you feelin like your girls prom dress tight right niggas hatein cause I be stuntin on these hoe with my wowe's bicth your fake another one of those wana be fake drake's i'm cookin it up like stake you mad cause I be popin no gloss dripin like sauce i give yo bicth these claws cause when I pour it don't drip bicthi be riddin yo nigga dick bicth you wanna be rappers ain't got sauce (i'm boss) crisscross no thot's aloud around here in my croud cause bicth sqaures cain't fit in my circle then i ride yo niggas dick then drop and hit the splits diss missed (woo).

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