Battles  Young_Life_Gangsta vs CamLewis26


Written rap or verse 24-45 lines, CAN use use a beat

Max of 45 lines


CamLewis26 won this battle!


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  • Cam Lewis the real name of the football player, I'ma hit you with bullets like Cam Newton
  • You gon recieve the shots I'm sending at you, I said " is this man stupid "
  • when you challenged me to a battle, knowing damn well you gon lose it
  • You say I have no good lyrics, lines, bars, or quotables,
  • yet you quoted my quote on my profile and made it notable
  • My lyrics so good it make rappers take notes, so they're really noticable
  • Just one quote from me kills all of yours and you, cremate and burries
  • like Tinker Bell 's death when Captain Hook said " I dont believe in fairies "
  • and I don't believe in you or believe you, and a dead rapper can't talk so
  • Anything you say is dead to me, and also
  • If I died, my last words are more quotable than anything ever, that your jaw spoke
  • I'm YLG and I'm a man of my word
  • I don't lie or make excuses, Hallelujah and Amen to thy word
  • You disrespected me so I diss you
  • I'm going hard on you, and you soft as Charnin Ulta tissue
  • You said I'm wack cause I lost a battle to a producer
  • but I got a winning record, you got a losing record
  • and you lost your last battle to a female, so really you the loser
  • You just salty cause Juicy Jobba picked me over you for a batte tournament spot
  • You lost more battles than you won so you chill hot head,
  • cause I can turn a mint hot, and I got the permanent spot
  • " me and him can battle for it " there was no point but I was all for it
  • to battle, and when the results are over for this one, I've beaten you and I'm for sure and
  • there was no need to battle, you probably regret it and wish to forfeit
  • I wonder if you even have good lyrics, I can't wait to hear it and for you to share it
  • Supa Hot Fire's is better than yours, and he dont even really have lyrics at all
  • Your weak, you just ain't a lyricist at all
  • The fact that you wanted to battle, says it all, this gon be more tragic than 9/11
  • as I defeat you, and I make your record go from 5 and 10 to 5/11
  • so you shoulda never tried to diss me or challenge me
  • In a battle, cause you took two L's to me, I'm a savage G
  • You shoulda kept quiet and waited your turn, you still gotta wait next time
  • If theres even a " next time " cause you ain't good enough to make it, give it a rest slime
  • Cam Lewis ( Lew is ) wack, a wack ass rapper, yeah ya know
  • em and I just call W.A.R. cause that is also the motto


  • All these shitty rappers disrespect me I’m bout to murder another
  • Surgical summer, I’ll put you in a fucking box next to your mother
  • I’m dodging all your punchlines, Floyd mayweather with the shit
  • Your raps are shit, why you tryna shoot me with empty clips
  • And I’m not talking bunny ears when I put a piece behind your head
  • You got everybody fucking sleeping like they getting laid to rest
  • Magically you’ll never see this side of me if I Copperfield
  • Slow that down, you’ll never see this sodomy if I cop a feel
  • And if I get locked up for assault I’ll tell my story behind the bars
  • And if my shit sells it’ll be from the story behind the bars
  • You ain’t got a chance to beat me bitch just face it
  • Winning this? you got a better chance escaping Ariel Castro’s basement
  • I’ll put this fucking trash fag in a glad bag and body his whack ass
  • I don’t even need to battle you, you disrespecting yourself with them trash raps
  • When you called me out I was just chilling watching stranger things on my laptop
  • Now I gotta take out the Mac Eleven and put it to his colon, punctuation mark
  • Look what you got yourself into I told you not to push me
  • Cause like an abortion I’ll take the life out this pussy
  • So don’t ever expect me not to come with sick schemes
  • Like a school shooter I was always keep em sixteens
  • I seen your other battles that shit made me really laugh
  • It’s funny but you still couldn’t diss me if I handed you my life facts
  • This kid battled KnB and rapped like he tried to seduce her
  • I’m not worried about losing, this kid already got bodied by a producer

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