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Battle on June 11 2019


  • last time i held back and that is a fact
  • but this time i`m gonna snap like i am on crack
  • this is double homicide i`m killing you and this track
  • i am dominating you, you can Call me Shaq
  • now i am comming With passion and emotion this is going to sting
  • but hey Man stan you inside all day, go to the god damn gym
  • i`m the reaper i`m grim
  • yo slimenim Your spark is going dim
  • honestly Your creativity is going thin
  • Your last verse on me was sick but this is the counterpunch i`m going on a hunt
  • i`m a legend like stan lee you think this is a Challenge bitch you an infant
  • i am a teacher while Your just a student talk shit then i`m gonna kill you in an Instant
  • oh no this is serius, now Your panicking now your stunned now i`m actually spitting
  • keep on acting tough you will suddenly go missing
  • Your getting burned it is Third degree
  • Your trash you are dirt Your getting smoked i could Call you a chimney
  • the best rhymes i be giving but that is a given
  • i kill all day and night i am driven
  • i look at myself as a good guy but i might just have to turn into a hood villain
  • i`m christian so it seem fitting
  • that i`m crucifying you
  • i will turn Your face black and blue
  • you a disgrace, Your shit is so bad it should be taboo
  • your rhymes are so stinking bad that they need shampoo
  • man i am an artist i`m the rap version of Pablo Picasso
  • son don`t play with fire don`t play with a pro
  • so can the real slimenim please stand up? no
  • you should watch out the Next time you look out of a window
  • cus you might see a drive-by
  • soon Your gonna have to say bye bye or good night
  • Your being bombarded With rhymes like its dynemite
  • bitch i am mocking you like a bird haha get it?
  • bitch all Your punch lines are pathetic
  • bitch this is just a little snippit
  • of what i can do
  • i`m not lying its honestly true
  • how can you be a rap god if Your getting slaughtered
  • i am making it extra painfull you can say Your getting tortured
  • or butchered bitch Your getting murdered
  • i will make sure that its painfull like you make sure that a plant is watered
  • my style is so Cold you could Call it a blizzard
  • but at the same time its so hot, this rap shit i have mastered i am a wizard
  • your a tough guy? that shit i aint buying
  • ohh no please little baby please stop crying
  • my rhymes are quick slik and powerfull just like lightning
  • i`m not even trying
  • please little baby please stop rhyming


  • E-T-C with H.I.V, this diss is a list for me. Give Carey that kiss, oh wait it was miss. take Stake is rising and you're playing with a snowflake. Typhus I write this I bite my lip and knit sticks. Rhyme this no time is prime as prime is trash. Overflowing rap try to kill me take a nap. I hate this, I rate this 0. I didn't even try it was just a yolo. But I ridden of the guys they called me fly. well we ain't at the sky yet, so why? Die, oh wait, you too shy. Rip a tip, it's just one. Killed a man bun killing you will be fun. Run away from me a you get a dun dun son. Oh wait I have a kid? Clickbait and they call you SiI shut the lid I mutter a bid. Oh wait it justust got sent. Bro no, you cause a fid. Now I'm stuck in it and It's like in the mid

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