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you have to spit fire

Max of 20 lines


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Battle on June 12 2019


This rap was deleted.


  • I have to get done, why son each peach leeches on one. Run away from it or you might get caught bruh, it's blood sucking fact cuh, Sway your magic boat sway your tragic moat. Cause I was the buzz we tug like a bug a suck a honey sug thinking about life fuck those drugs. Now we are let loose to pow and accuse, bar became way to high but not our bodies but we didn't let it get us down, sorry honey, you ain't even that sweet, It's just the manual says that's the way you tweet. And should I keep it in the bag I don't know, so many people wanna trial for my soul. I'm like there one and final goal I'm on a roll but my role got sold and I kick it in but it somehow doesn't go. I don't understand life no more, I could put it down but it bounces like a gold digging whore. Nor facade or squad cannot complete, cannot compete with my skill... Of taking pills I have low will I'm like a wheel barrow but stuck with chills it overkills. It's a blur yes sir there is no cure it is pure I'll nurture if you puncture these lines align it up so we only have to shoot twice. Cock back and slice the guys bye just kidding I'm proceeding to concede the winnings. It's a delight to lock sight but no Glock will rewind time. It's a picture but I just cry and then you sigh then I die and you lie I get accused of suicide it's a homicide but put that aside I don't know or don't try to row a foe I already have you yo but I killed you once and this is twice.

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