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Battle on May 20 2019


  • I had nothing to lose
  • I had to make this paper.
  • I had to make this cash
  • It was now or never.
  • There was no later
  • cause I was losing flavor.
  • But I couldn't be caught so I made a play.
  • I went to an outside phone and I called the bank
  • Told them nobody goes home till you empty out the safe.
  • Told 'em I got men with weapons aimed at they face.
  • If anybody leaves they will die today.
  • I had to make this paper what can I say.
  • Momma's about to be broke and I'm bout to be alone.
  • So I called the bank on an outside phone.
  • Told them nobodies safe until the money's gone.
  • I got all the cash got it real fast.
  • Made his bitch ass pass
  • for a little gas.
  • Spent all the cash on some bullshit.
  • A brand new watch diamonds on it.
  • I didn't wanna die I was so young.
  • I didn't do nothing wrong
  • until I made this song.
  • I had my hopes up didn't wanna die quick.
  • Now my life is over man I tried it.


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  • Lil bro done fucked up and let his gun bust on the wrong muthafucka/
  • So tonight I'm dustin my glock off and calling in my thugs, yuh/
  • The whole Fella Mafia squad up and strap up/
  • Lil Homie Mugz calling in a favor and need some fuckin back up/
  • Time to blast a few kats from the other side of the tracks/
  • There no turnin back we end this tonite with a preemptive attack/
  • He done dug a fuckin grave but he ain't goin out like that/
  • Hell Naw, Mentality fuck em all show no quarter peel they cap/
  • Pull up to the block store what the fuck was dude on our block for/
  • Mugz runs up and opens the car door breathing harder blood all over my partner/
  • Oh yea we goin to war before they come to settle the score/
  • Rode to the 44th block stopped popped the trunk Ghost jumped off the porch/
  • With a duffel of trouble ammo and sumpin special for the encore/
  • Got more than enough explosives blow the north up in a Honda Accord/
  • Called up Trip Mugz ain't said shit but the look in his eyes confirms he's committed/
  • Ghost in the back smokin a spliff he passed it to Mugz but bruh passed on it/
  • I tell him dont worry by tomorrow this will all be OV bro we well equipped/
  • And the spoils of war will be more then worth the shit once we hit they crib/
  • He nods on God I swear his baptism in blood has changed who he is/
  • He different I can tell no goin back to the that sophomore kid we fucked with/
  • DT and Mac G are on scene and scoped 3 targets departin they followed them slowly/
  • We creep up 3 deep to the trap grab the heat passed Mugz a 4-5 with a infrared beam/
  • We heated heavy indeed Ghost grabs the duffel and he/
  • Grabs a few syntecs and tek clips a spliff then proceeds/
  • We break and we wait for Trip to relay/
  • That the 3 that got away have been disposed of and we straight/
  • I get the ok, and the syntecs are placed/
  • I punch in the number Ghost tossed smoke grenades/
  • Thru the windows crash bang smoke explodes and they came /
  • Running and duckin and bustin like cray/
  • But the look on the face when I pressed send was so great/
  • When they heard that phone ring and saw the explosives to late/
  • Then Kaboom debris flew in all directions and them too/
  • And I knew that the crew would be coming for wave 2/
  • Tonite we murda them all and dont stop till we Thru/
  • Mugz here we go bro no second chances its either them or you/

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