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Rap about a heist job. Let's see who can get away with it

Max of 40 lines


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Battle on May 20 2019


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  • As soon as we get thru the door we gotta go go go go/
  • Tell em to drop and get on tha flo and we go go go go/
  • And disarm the guard by the door on approach go go go go/
  • and I will get the alarm bro its time to go go go go/
  • verse 1
  • MM1
  • arrived in a black coup, 2 true jumped out brand new black suits tactical mask and black boots/
  • 2 black bags automatic straps black gloves dash thru tha door/
  • MM2
  • I smash the guard in back grab his gat toss it in the bag got 2 makin a move get on the ground bitch move time/
  • MM1
  • 80 seconds you know what to do I clear the counter I catch a fool reaching for the silent alarm I let 2 loose/
  • MM2
  • what the fuck man what you do/
  • MM1
  • what the fuck I had to do/
  • bitch you yes you open this, do it now I aint playin bitch/
  • see what I did to that prick don't make spit your fuckin shit/
  • Here put tha money in the bag bitch fool what's your status/
  • MM2
  • I'm in/
  • MM1
  • Badass 20 seconds and we smash with tha cash and mashin in a orderly faahion/
  • MM2
  • Got it heading to the lobby now
  • MM1
  • [Bet. Get on the ground bitch, later folks we out this /


  • I had nothing to lose
  • I had to make this paper.
  • I had to make this cash
  • It was now or never.
  • There was no later
  • cause I was losing flavor.
  • But I couldn't be caught so I made a play.
  • I went to an outside phone and I called the bank
  • Told them nobody goes home till you empty out the safe.
  • Told 'em I got men with weapons aimed at they face.
  • If anybody leaves they will die today.
  • I had to make this paper what can I say.
  • Momma's about to be broke and I'm bout to be alone.
  • So I called the bank on an outside phone.
  • Told them nobodies safe until the money's gone.
  • I got all the cash got it real fast.
  • Made his bitch ass pass
  • for a little gas.
  • Spent all the cash on some bullshit.
  • A brand new watch diamonds on it.
  • I didn't wanna die I was so young.
  • I didn't do nothing wrong
  • until I made this song.
  • I had my hopes up didn't wanna die quick.
  • Now my life is over man I tried it.

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