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Battle on May 6 2019 and Battle on August 13 2019


This rap was deleted.


  • Your wordplay's improved dude I'm proud of you
  • But it's plane obvious that I still tower you
  • Call 911 there's about to be an emergency
  • "Do your best" no problem the best is what I was birthed to be
  • Your lines made me laugh, but I noticed one little issue
  • You said some funny shit, but you didn't diss me like I'm gonna diss you
  • I know you think you can fuck the Croc but you ain't raping it
  • Your puns are pointless, just there for the sake of it
  • You ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, you rap like a drunk
  • I'm trying to say you're hammered, in no position for a slam dunk
  • But this isn't basketball, although you are a basket case
  • I'll drop you like a clock, leave you with a smashed face
  • But it's okay 'cause it was free, yeah you're not worth my time
  • You say you're gonna kill me but you can't even murder your lines
  • You make me wanna put my dick in a steering wheel
  • 'cause you're driving me nuts like a squirrel taking home his meal
  • You wear black and yellow but you're more like the butterfly
  • Talk about your katana but you don't have the balls to cut a guy
  • You couldn't harm a fly, but you act like you're on a police raid
  • I ain't gonna let you blow up bitch I eat grenades
  • What you spit's ashamed to be seen near you, like your mother
  • You a crazy cat man, one dies you just go get another
  • Bitch you're like a tampon - disposable
  • But you never seen a pussy, let alone been close to
  • "I'm passing with an A plus" but your song got a B
  • It stands for bad, while I'm so sick even Dr. Dre couldn't cure me
  • "Your bars are stolen" but out of 23 lines
  • You only wrote half, are they meant to be fine?
  • Or are you just too thick to realise you're a hypocrite?
  • You could put poo on a spatula and still wouldn't be able to flip your shit
  • You'll get speared if you try hold anything against me
  • I'm the hunter and the butcher, I'll turn you into mince meat
  • This cat's shit, he just gets buryed discretely
  • Biggiepoops makes more talent than you in what he's excreting
  • I'll punch you in front of George W.
  • I thought you said I beat around the bush, or did you stumble too?
  • If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then it's a shame you're blind
  • Even your students can see how far you're lagging behind
  • How in the fuck can this kid talk about a fatality
  • You're not even old enough to play MK, last time I won I did a babality
  • You'll never be shit, even if I shove you up my ass
  • And that wouldn't be gay 'cause you got no dick like a lass
  • I threw the idea that you had bars off the top of a kid's bed
  • Call that theory de-bunked, you should be locked up instead
  • Why is it that your profile pic looks like a pointy penis?
  • You've been caught with half a dick, trying to serve subpoenas
  • You tied to Loner_stoner bro, that shit's gotta hurt
  • Although you two would be great together like Ernie and Bert
  • Both stuck up yourselves and only entertain children
  • "Entertain" is a stretch, you just see holes that aren't yet filled in
  • I ain't saying you a kiddie fiddler, I'll let you speak for yourself
  • I'm just saying it's you watching them, posing as Santa's elf
  • What a shame their "gift" for Christmas is so small
  • You could fit a thousand full lengths in their stocking on the wall
  • Anyways, the point is you're nothing but stairs
  • I walk all over you to get to the next level of your nightmares
  • But I know deep down you want to be me in your dreams
  • Thought I lost my shoes but you stole them to try walk in them it seems
  • Anyways, I guess I'd better wrap this up now
  • Guess that makes one of us after you put your crap down
  • Can hardly even call that a rap, just meaningless puns
  • Kinda like trying to put just cheese in a bun
  • Anyways, my point is, nobody will ever be missing you
  • You're the kinda pervert to get rejected from the kissing booth

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