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Battle on May 16 2019 and Battle on August 13 2019


This rap was deleted.


  • You got balls sending it unblind
  • And I'll admit it's better than what I had in mind
  • It's ironic, you call yourself Tekneek but yours is as bad as your spelling
  • Just tryna make it big but I don't ever see you selling
  • Talking about board games well I'm bored standing on the board
  • I've got this game in a monopoly, you're bankrupt and can't afford
  • To go against me, you're like a plump sitting duck
  • This may sound cold but I won't give another fuck when I ice this motherfuck
  • "Herd these wins like cattle" but you're nothing but a sheep
  • Your words are like a butter knife, they can't cut deep
  • Which is funny, seeing as you're talking about shotguns
  • A croc may be a big target, but honey it's the wrong one
  • Acting like my dog thinks I'm some kind of homosexual
  • Even he can see I'm an incredibly professional heterosexual
  • I'll "tie up your fuckin' laces" for you so you can take a hike
  • But I'm happy to untie them so you trip down the stairs if you like
  • I accidentally killed myself 'cause I looked at a photo of you thinking it was my mirror
  • Straight up domed myself from the immense fear
  • Had in inch of lead in my mouth, or maybe that was your "full length"
  • If you're a "god figure" why does everyone pray for you to go away?
  • I'm married to the game that's why I'm taking this, "neek"
  • You're definitely a "special" kid but your uniqueness is oblique
  • Acting like you're a gangster but you're Fortnite dancing instead
  • I'll leave this ni-er in the raveyard 'cause the G in you is dead

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