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Battle on May 3 2019


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  • VERSE 1
  • Apology to no one but to my self
  • trying my best but this fucking stress
  • Hasn't made memories undress,
  • Like I'm in a school fest, no offense, .
  • No love , only get the door shut
  • Oh fuck, I fucked your babe,
  • It's so suck, I fucked her twice,
  • After 2" it feels so nice,
  • Ahhhh, now I'm done with a hoe,like a belly foe
  • Suspicious in a store, vicious through a soul
  • You can call me an asshole than don't show any remorse..
  • For the sake of Lord, save water for the drought..
  • Inspite of the fact, none cares bot it...
  • But m still spit this flow...
  • N ready to go, to Maim your zone..
  • Stone cold,, come to spit these verses
  • When u done with pot..
  • Slim shot... A paradox...
  • Antidote, to your worm spot ,
  • Thats starting eating u from your hole
  • Do u have any guesses
  • , Hahaha..
  • Fucking pussies..
  • Want kisses, kiss my dick it shoots like isuzu, dumb fool, burnt feelings
  • Take out the real you. N I'm happy with a lie fuck TRUth..


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  • You don't want it faggot you’re just another maggot,
  • Dick so long I burned it in your girls stomach acid,
  • Abusing rappers when I take off my belt and I whip it,
  • Like your step dad drunk off the jager and flipping,,
  • Throwing dishes my writtens be consistent,
  • Like a doctor taking notes I got the sickest composition,
  • Stepping to me ill probably have your arteries slashed,
  • I pop shit like stabbing a colostomy bag,,
  • U think it was the Stone Age observing how rock a rhythm,
  • I’m crushing boulders on the mic with a composition,
  • Kill a cop I’m popping at em making pigs fly,
  • Step and I’ll explode so you know I always get mine,,
  • Spit more lines then spiders kid I’ve always been a fighter,
  • So win or lose your getting bruised I don’t need a pistol fool,
  • The arms I got are hard to stop I see through you like windows dude,
  • One of the best and I’m bringing the death the reaper couldn’t match the moves,,
  • It’s laughable comical dropping you topple you stomping you,
  • Impossible it’s possible to throw you in a hospital,
  • Test me and it’s multiple choice know your death is optional,
  • NASA got a hold of because I’m speaking rocket fuel,,
  • Spraying waves of acid cuz you're toxic waste,
  • Stomp your face laying out the lead like number 8,
  • Choose your fate dealing death with every line like I’m selling fentanyl,
  • I’ll end you all like a period you're on your menstrual dog,,
  • You'll never come again like a paraplegic,
  • Tear you to pieces come inside and stare at my thesis,
  • I been around like Ferris wheels you been a square you never will,
  • Equipped with a tongue sharp enough that it can sever steel,,
  • I'm back again dropping gems like a heist gone wrong,
  • My words are the flame that's igniting your bong,
  • As I'm writing this song my fucking life's in storm,
  • My verses got you flipping like a flying baton,,
  • Yo I'm slicing your palms always violent but calm,
  • Defying physics what I'm writing is igniting a pond,
  • How could you fight with a god come and clash with a titan,
  • And your flame is going down I'm attacking the pilot,,
  • Even the blind are seeing this even the deaf are hearing this,
  • Need liquor in my system when I'm spitting so I plead the fifth,
  • The reapers gift taking lives when I swing the scythe,
  • Always seeing snakes eyes like I'm out here playing dice,,
  • I stay precise come and find me taking flight all day and night,
  • Not an airport but the baggage is inside the mind,
  • I'm terrorized surrounded by evil all the time,
  • It's harder then two coins dealing with these paradigms,,
  • Come and stare into my eyes and see a violent breed,
  • I traveled in time and re wrote prophecy,
  • Quicker then the speed of thought believe I caught,
  • A verbal felony when I speak this assault,,
  • It's like I'm Solomon the way I got these demons involved,
  • Peace to you all I was never peaceful at all,
  • The world turned me to a fighter like I'm steven seagal,
  • That's why at times I'm so high that I'm reaching the stars,,
  • Can't you see that shapeshift is living on the brink,
  • Spit so much I'll drown a sink I'm exotic as a mink,
  • Yo your profits gonna sink like I'm drowning Jesus,
  • Bitch you really gotta think before you try my thesis,,

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