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Battle on May 16 2019


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  • Can't describe this anger or my emotions,
  • You take it all I don't want in some
  • proportion
  • You planning for kid, this time don't go for abortion
  • Sad portion, you scoff on me, n I feel absolution or having ablution
  • Oh now, what I'm thinking now,
  • You showing contempt, n feelin wow
  • Like Mr. Brown lost in BangCoCk with some chow
  • M still toiling to get what I deserve in this world, how!?
  • Oh I don't know, just go with the flow,
  • A laborious task, made your mind blow
  • You get a chide for being slow,
  • Get good FuCK to feel glow
  • Luck turns to Dust, but don't feel so low.
  • One life,, Do laugh, n Karna will right back to you
  • Like some hoe fighting in corridor, so I closed my door,
  • Cuz I'm making some rAp, so that you can laugh it on too..
  • Three so are you but I'm getting freak ,
  • What you saw, hate? Submerge in me..
  • Or this soul all set to get free.
  • Chuck just listen to me, am I sounding the same?
  • No buck has given to me, still finding my name..
  • Shining through lame, sour excuses Tho.
  • Pouring words to ease my mind so,
  • I can breach to reach speech that shit,
  • Split the wit, two n half,
  • OMG that's a witch..
  • Arkredd didn't knit the words,
  • It's like one to third,
  • Imaginary world,
  • FuCK it's so cult...
  • An occult is now broken down,
  • I just woke up, when the party over
  • No tears in my shoulders, cuz
  • She went in a rover ,
  • Awful..
  • So I walk alone, ruthless plan all along,
  • Feeling feeble , wait,
  • It's my turn now..
  • Despicable me, everytime you shout..
  • Never mind, do doubt,
  • Cuz I never used to walk along the crowd.
  • Don't think I make em proud,
  • As a coward, wanna smile but this instinct
  • Sadness turns so damn loud...
  • Faded every good thing somehow, I manage to escape this route, but phased out..
  • A lout clout the bully that cried him out
  • So that he'll run from this gully,
  • It isn't so funny,
  • Nor it's a bawdry , is it suits to biddy?
  • Never mind, tho.. Thanks for that wine bro,
  • Wanna take the high notes, wanna crack the dark jokes...
  • Talking about wisdom, lol..
  • Stalking via camera, grow up...
  • Free med or let your mouth shut...
  • O o, I spoke up...
  • That's all she wrOte up or a wolf howling for the moon, it's april not a June,
  • Plants trees here what u got in Neptune, Staff B tune
  • Morning songs n she said Get Nude.. O o


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  • I Travel back with thoughts like a time machine,
  • So peep the rhyming scheme you see my mind is free,
  • Flows that your spitting ain't the price of tea,
  • I Strike emcees if they try to bite my steez,
  • Try to step up to the microphone I'll smite the weak,
  • What I write will ignite any life with ease,,
  • Coming closer to death with every time that I breath people lie and deceive,
  • Never finding no peace it's cold world living in eyes of the beast,
  • Watching violence release,
  • We're ingesting all the products causing lives to decrease,
  • Composing tablets daily blazing piles of trees,
  • Shining like a diamond with the mic I defeat,
  • All these weak ass rappers that be trying to eat,
  • The way I ride on the beat i t's like your wife in the sheets,
  • spreading like a disease,
  • so get down on your knees and please swallow my seed,
  • I'll be Stabbing at your throat and Then I'm watching it bleed,
  • I'm a savage with a quote so you have to to retreat,
  • Check the madness that I wrote camouflaged in the breeze,
  • I'm haunting your dreams the sleep assassin carving your sheep,
  • deadly threats manifesting see my mental's relentless,
  • If doubt what I spit I'm in your grill like a dentist,
  • hit you with these lyrics till your spirits ascending,
  • Use the words that I speak as lyrical reference,,
  • Sharpen my lyricism till bars kill the competition,
  • Articles that I've written will cause your heart to start twitching,
  • Slaughter all of my victims for audio repetition,
  • I'm known to spit dope and I might cause an addiction,,

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