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go hard!!!!

Max of 14 lines


Vader-Killz360 won this battle!


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Battle on January 11 2019


  • Wow, so that's what y'all like, guess i'ma have to lower to your
  • level then cause i'm better then you'v ever been
  • an as long as i'm still clutchin pen Sir-Real been irrelevant
  • this is my element, you looken dumb your just another victim
  • to Vader's spit to me your just a little kid so step up and
  • get cut down like the clown we all see you to be
  • you only wish you could best me but i'ma beast bout to feast
  • on this weak meek me wanna be pussy nobody.
  • Ops to hard? To different from your bars about star wars?
  • Ha, come on Sir gimme some fun cause Vader's only just begun
  • an wont stop tell i'm gettin numb, then its back to your house
  • where your girl be given me some. Guess V killed anoylther one


  • Its a trap! the helmet is back - the jar jar binks of rap
  • this clone try to attack, with a whack ass comeback
  • must be smokin' on crack, thinking your my equal
  • your rebuttal sucked, even more than the prequels
  • this no revenge of the sith, instead i'm ending this bitch
  • and cut him off on the tip, like a circumcised dick
  • hit him with a brick, and throw him in the rancor pit
  • got a bitch pregnant, then gave in to the hate
  • now you have a crusty white face, memory erased
  • this fake vader, use a red vibrator for a light sabre
  • breathing with a ventilator, a black hole penetrator
  • sir's your terminator, i'm juggling thermal detonators
  • my battle station fully operational, i got bare skills
  • this youngling wont survive, even if he call bear grylls..

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