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Battle on January 12 2019


  • Zack's back at it whipped up some verbal magic.This sick talent you can't hack it.
  • Everyone wanna rap like rabbit, fuck that you can't flow that fast when u mumblin.
  • Your bitch on my dick steady sucklin,knees bucklin,tits bounce like I'm jugglin.
  • On my level you stumblin, bumbly bitch do your self a favor duck in the ditch.
  • My PAC haunts the street an your reputations what we seek exposure for the weak.
  • Ya, its been a minute since iv assaulted this game,but itz still lil V I'm still the same.
  • Every ounce of crazy still locked in my brain so focused I drove us insane. Ya!
  • See how viciously I individually kill verbal rituals full of blood spilled.
  • (All this violence for harsh thrills.
  • All these rappers pushin pills.
  • Almost like 2000/r.I.p the death of bein real.)
  • (Will add more later)


  • This sith getting fucked in his ass with a lightsabre
  • vader got a grudge against tusken raiders
  • peroxide small fry, shifted to the dark side
  • commit genocide - after his mum died
  • lil annakin, got the acting skills of a mannequin
  • girl was gonna leave him, and he started panicking
  • obi chopped off your legs, his ground was higher
  • then he set your ass on fire, like your richard pryor
  • crappy bad actor, breathing like you got asthma
  • put your rap in a trash compactor, with captain phasma
  • next chapter, invisible grip around your throat
  • turn to a ghost, this bloke gettin force choked
  • frodo's standing on your toes, thats a low blow
  • you jerk him - so you should be known as hand solo..

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