Battles  NorStar vs Streamm


Pop Culture Challenge: Pick 1 Brand, 1 Artist or Actor, & 1 sitcom or movie. Maintain those 3 topics thru verse/ Mine are KellogsBoneMuppets

Max of 24 lines


NorStar won this battle!


  • Look Into My Eyes I'm an Animal you can't Handle the Vibe and that's understandable/
  • Never No Surrender Till We Dead and Gone/
  • Me Killa and remember me No Pretender like Krayzie Bone/
  • To old to play with you Fruit Loops anymo so Cheerio/
  • It's All Original and ya know I Murdah Mo rappers and bro I got Mo Murda to go/
  • Call me Mr. Bill Collector takin No Shorts No Losses/
  • And Your Rents Due Muthafucka welcome to Tha Land of tha Heartless/
  • From East Gate to Shorty Garden FMC be Krave'd in the projects/
  • In Silver City we Let tha Law End Body Rott the cops gunshots sound like Rice Crispies when they snap'n it crackle's, and they pop'pin/
  • A Thug Luv that Retaliation Fuck the Police we eliminate them/
  • Think you Special K lets see you Corn Flakes bust a glock then/
  • We Waistland Warriors and Sons of Assassins/
  • Raisen Bran new killas to take over the game when we pass on/
  • Heated Heavy like a Fozzy Bear suit/
  • Still we we frosty like a Mini Wheat too/
  • Holdin down that black and blue like Gonzos nose got a burner like Bunsen and u have no clue what my Honeydew/
  • Whom Die They Lie In this Evil Paradise/
  • Even durin these Hard Times you won't see Thugs Cry/
  • Everybody Wanna Be Thugs like they ride or die/
  • But my Thug Mentality is Die, Die, Die so I No Comply/
  • I'm Hard Time Hustlin stackin chips like Pringles/
  • And once I pop I can't stop so I'm not bout them singles/
  • Fully or Semi it's automatic that I kill for Cheez-It do be a Sad Song so I keep that Battlezone as my ringtone/


  • So charming, call me James Blond
  • Sorry, I ain't a Hitler boy, I ain't blonde
  • Neither I have Blueface eyes, real eyes realize
  • Real lies
  • Every check I get is nike'd
  • Gone With The Wind, you shouldn't be frightened
  • Close ones going on a downhill
  • No punchline, it's just sad
  • But Merry Christmas
  • Tell Coca Cola I told Saunta Claus hello
  • More blessings

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