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  • All these kids shouting my name
  • Saying they flame, when really they ain't
  • Never take it serious, they just glad I mention their name
  • Every rapper left it, so did I
  • Sometimes I comeback for network
  • Expading my networth
  • Do a couple battles for swerve work
  • Really though
  • Just trying find competition
  • They say I'm cocky
  • I am just confident
  • I'm not trying to stunt
  • All I want is going neck to neck
  • I see NBA players creating
  • super teams trying to win
  • What's the fun of it If you don't have a worthy opponent?
  • If you never get offended, you could never lose
  • The point of a battle to embarass
  • If you remain calm and collected
  • Then the win is protected
  • I rather for this to be Wayne and Kanye
  • Rather for Nas and Jay
  • Than a great rapper and a mumble trapper
  • 11PM listening to Drake
  • Hoping on the remix
  • I noticed do more original
  • But I love redoing original songs
  • Not because the beats ain't good
  • But sometimes I wish I could
  • Get a Timbaland or a Pharell
  • A Metro or TM88, 40 or an established producer
  • Talking with some mixers
  • Nothing grounded yet
  • Just talking
  • I rather have a good producer on my side
  • Then going from beat to beat
  • I eat and repeat
  • Success brings envy
  • You would think I had a hit by the jealousy
  • But it's just Air

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