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Battle on December 7 2018


  • I'm lyrically cleaning out the system
  • With all your systematic pressure is making me get the wisdom
  • had to take an L before I could see the vision
  • now I'm tryna add up but its all division
  • all I'm saying is that I'm tired of the same thing
  • And this cross that I'm handling where the thorns be
  • See i don't believe in God but i do believe in demons
  • they whisper to me when i go to to sleep
  • so someone save me
  • for i die on this broken world
  • i wanna thrive not on an island but an open world
  • I feel like mind is spinning do a backward twirl
  • but this just me spitting my mind
  • examining all of these times
  • im tryna speak through these rhymes
  • but not speaking like im a mime
  • if u dont rock with it thats ok
  • i can live with that
  • but i got a couple followers
  • and we have came some far that im fearing that
  • i love yall
  • and yalls help
  • is what keeps me going on
  • this aint a diss track
  • this just a line from my mind
  • dang it man my pen snapped
  • Authenik


  • If I had a capsule for everytime my heart stopped,
  • I'd caputure every design and retrace an chase every second that was on the clock.
  • Taken that first breath ready to check the commotion, seem so small in this huge world kinda like I'm just a spec of plankton in this ocean, the always on the go go motion, but I'm in slo mo or at times even frozen
  • The first moment of truth, a kiss, a dance or a date, first day of school, moving away, or out of state.
  • It's the time to try new things and a chance to renew, maybe a lesson or just learning g something new, either way we all start at some point of view.
  • Maybe a hardship,a loss, or a tragedy happened, ever think "No please not this time" while the hour hand was laugh'n, kinda strike that black and blanks the hour hand stands still and the minute hand breaks.
  • That time you wanted to love so bad, a chance or an opportunity up for grabs, maybe you never had the time it goes faster than the blink of an eye, start so everlasting ends with if I had a dime.
  • If I had a dime for Everytime I did or didn't do, thus or that, I
  • I'd be rich as hell but I could never time re-lapse.
  • I'd have a pocket full of some coulda, shoulda, woulda's, thinking to myself in the end now what good does that do ya?
  • Time is of the essence, it's whatever you make it, but every moment counts we should not mis-take it.
  • It's no race or religion when it comes to the story, beginning or end it all fades so shortly.
  • We spend so much wasting so much more than we have, missing the simple pieces than wanting them back, but realizing it in the nick of time is the part they miss at.
  • We find meaning in looking back and seeing the timelines memory, seeing all the precious or painful moments and how they build us up or cause our timbering.
  • We're here now and we should be grateful, we could have never got this chance and yet most still wasteful acting hateful.
  • How you gonna spend your minutes if you knew your clock was running out,
  • Would you waste your seconds pouting and still run about your mouths.
  • Would you call your friends and family and tell em your sorry,
  • tell em you won't be around to hug them tomorry?
  • Would you be able to live your last day knowing your curtains closing on your stage?
  • What fantasies or dreams would die along with you?
  • Would you have children or siblings needing g tissues, a lover a best friend that would long once more to kiss you?
  • I know so many take so much for granted
  • So many nasty things said can never be recanted and ideas or negative energies forgot that were planted.
  • Take a minute please every moment you get
  • Live like your last and one you'll never forget
  • cuz once it comes and goes one shot really is all you ever get.

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