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No limit on bars and no rules.

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BELLVADEAR won this battle!


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Battle on December 11 2018 and Battle on February 2 2020


  • It's an atomic rage, up chuck on these comic fades, all these capslock kids get an injection with this pen of plagues they got the most tintest ways hiding motives wearing branded chains I'ma cut them a deal maybe get them for reals doesn't matter anyways cuz nowdays most can't even feel this world is combat I ask where there Psalms stat, look around for left witnesses, I'ma really leave this Earth flat Kamakazi what? ask Em to bring Dre back these kids with their lil zan-i-tacs get the battle axe lyrics express they are handicapped I see some real unhandy brats.
  • I'm not hating how could I, I am just kidding sometimes I lie, just a small white tale what can I say I'm a rabbit inside and the clock chimes D twelve (Joke Inside).
  • See I got so many bars but I can't grip the handle, my mics bent twisted I'm becoming dismantled needed cleats and I wore fucking sandals now I'm walking barefoot burning stepping over candles. This ground is lava and it's getting hot'a, can't cool my nerves if I had an ocean of water.
  • You erk my nerves hurt me with words fuck you and the no purpose you serve. Try to provide what I lack inside give to others all my passions combined, just to show em everyone should be proud of their sights but they blackball like they can't achieve my vibe.
  • Talk about pay outs I'll pay you to hush, keep on spitn at me coldly I'm a turn it to slush.
  • Sit your rowdy ass down you just a foul thing, a class clown, you just a deformed mouth piece.
  • Your mics malnurished, if you wither you won't bloom or flourish, your a weed, I've thrived a forest.
  • Tried to lend you a hand you still shot me, said I forgive but you still played me like Monopoly.
  • So this is the end, dead ends equal friends this ship sailed hope you collect your dividends, use to be Twinkies now we anonyms, sit in the shit you spit leave you standn in.
  • Cross me wrongly I'ma kill you softly throw so many punchlines you would think we're lyrically boxing.
  • Your like Pepsi and I'm the Coke, I'm the joker and your the joke, believe you can hurt me but like your pockets we all know, you broke.


  • who the hell u think u is
  • u rap like u never wrote before
  • thats not even being mean
  • i hope u stop don't quit your day job
  • wendys or mickey d's
  • im sorry your whole carer was lost when you battled me
  • ima leave you looking like Kim Jung Un got attacked by a bee
  • see this aint even a rap battle
  • so do as you plz
  • u can tell lies about a nigga uve never seen
  • but i read your lines and your raps wanna make me scream
  • no talent or skill maybe bottles and pills
  • maybe some netflix and chill
  • bu ima make you lose your carer
  • like u miss work as you plz
  • lemme stop now you can dial 911 if u like
  • whats your emergency
  • Authenik lyrically stabbed me with a knife
  • Authenik

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