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Battle on October 30 2018


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  • easily i approach
  • the microphone cuz i aint no joke
  • Nigga tell yo fam, that i said FUCK EM
  • blueside bangin with the cold hearted slanging
  • funeral bell steady rangin
  • After i smoke you and your whole clan of mark ass tricks
  • mark ass bitch
  • with a mark ass spirit
  • NIGGA!
  • im lifted
  • off this dope and heroine im hella gifted
  • spittin dope rhymes that will make the whole galaxy feel drifted
  • florida skippin and dippin yall niggas get raped
  • by the 4 Ground Crips from the LBC snakes
  • Stomping on corpses is hella grimey
  • yall hoes is catching blows to the heiney
  • pause, i aint gay but if i was
  • I would probabky enjoy you sucking me off
  • But until then its fuck trill and his mothafucking chill
  • im high off the krill, writing ill rhymes blue ink dripping from the quil
  • eat a dick homeboy, west syde till we mothafucking die!
  • Oh yeah
  • Put yo mothafucking hands in the air
  • Like ya dont care
  • Oh yeah
  • Put yo mothafucking hands in the air
  • Like ya dont care
  • Oh yeah
  • Put yo mothafucking hands in the air
  • Like ya dont care


  • Your more joke than loc,You will tapout from a choke
  • Dont be a menace loc dog or get smoked by o dog
  • Claiming but not true only wear blue during curfew
  • Sent me a challenge with no direct shots you lose
  • If you could chose your such a dummy youll try to steals rap from a mummy
  • El presidente' Deontay i throw bars Wilder when im writing
  • Uppercuts like Tyson fighting,lighting quick flurries with Fury
  • The jury and the attorney trying to fail em
  • like my raps are being put on Trial in Salem
  • I want to fight in this bitch,ill kill your dog and john wick
  • Come to your memorial and blow out the candle sticks
  • Shit,Yall boys weird as hell like a david lynch flick
  • Twin peaks, geeks,i rather be nuts deep in twin freaks
  • Imagine if we forensic tested your sheets
  • Find,Just your dna probaly mixed with a sheep
  • But you rapping like a g,kid youll never be street like the sidewalk
  • Unless your body is outside lined in chalk
  • Now throw your motherfucking hands in the air
  • While i blow your faggot brains everywhere
  • You say nigga this nigga that if you was in my face this nigga a give you a smack
  • Fucking lame, you leaders dicks just gangbang your brain a bandanna
  • Over your pussy hiding your true frame i spit that real blue flame
  • Ill shit on your rag then throw it in your bodybag leave red blood stains on your toe tag

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