Battles  Trilluminatii vs Yung_Dumare


Written only war bars!!!

Max of 46 lines


Trilluminatii won this battle!


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Battle on December 6 2018


This rap was deleted.


  • He’s a Trillsteak figure, who’s afraid of beef
  • I’m a brimstone critter, filled with scorch and grief
  • You couldn’t pay for my interest with a mortage fee
  • Fuck your agenda, this is my shit, your lyrics bore me
  • Your deepness is shallow
  • your about as level headed as the sleeping fucking hallow
  • This is a wit battle, you’re trying to come at me with false male bravado
  • I’ll catch you in the streets lacking, voice shaking and legs aching
  • Smite you with the ice pick, alert my friends, “hey, ya wanna hear a vagina talk”?
  • (PUSSY)
  • This is rhyming taken to a lower level
  • Til its neck to neck with the devil
  • Turn you into a loan star comet
  • Submerge you headfirst, now your impact’s iconic
  • An uncoventional demise, a develish device
  • Concocted through his imagination, i could only imagine the hype
  • a thrill to see little guys like you, be treated like shite
  • Death is your final journey, your vehicle is hijacked
  • Now, take flight

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