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Go in my dude. I aint fucking holding back but its all love lol. make it condensed and to the point. you got two verses good luck

Max of 32 lines


MugShotz won this battle!


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Battle on October 23 2018


  • You think you rap games Foreman, I'm more Salvador Dali
  • Draw you a rumble in the jungle, turn your pride to folly
  • You act like you dope but I rope a dope dummy, I'm Ali
  • Hope you last 8 rounds, cause my words will sting like a bee
  • So step in the ring, this tale of the tape hit take two
  • And I'll take you with no fists, leave a Hannah baker on tape two
  • But you the bottom of that list, you wannabe faker
  • Keep your ass on that mat, save all them trash lines for later
  • Yeah I'mma shoot my shot, youll shoot yours like Alex standall
  • Cause your like half the rappers on this site, and I just can't stand y'all
  • There's no soul in your lyrics, you spit to the ocean, but dry heaving
  • So much garbage on each track, you ain't ever breaking even
  • You say you the king of battle rap, well I'll come back with that creative shit
  • While you think up some lines about shit, tits, and dick, yeah all that baby shit
  • See you spit and spit and spit, but do nothing through it
  • If all you want is clout, then there's no place for you in music
  • you got so many lazy lines, that's real criticism
  • And my words will tear them out, it's a wack bar exorcism
  • I'm gunning them down, alluha Akbar, rap terrorism
  • Whats a mafia to an army, no more speaking just listen
  • I'm done playing around, are first battle I found funny
  • So many faithful followers, I'm calling you kony 2020
  • Faithful or fearful, praising lazy ryhmes I ain't a dummy
  • We chummy, but in competition this is gonna get bloody
  • Cause i brought 32 fire, you got 64 mediocre
  • And When it's all said and done, we will see whose a true choker
  • Now I take your filler lines into a pile and burn it like the joker
  • I got Killer rhymes right on time, they call me a ryhme broker
  • Now this battles over, broken open between your parietal bone
  • Can't comprehend your beaten, I took an axe to your paretial lobe
  • See your morale is now weakened, dissing in a quiter tone
  • I'll Smack a lyrical layup, better not come weak in my zone


  • Bitch this a Body And Evil is how i take an break your neck
  • Everybody hit the Deck or take this tech and cause a massive Wreck
  • You'll Sleep with Fish fore this ends take your 2 cents
  • Pull the Pad outta your Purse Scribble down a Quick Verse
  • Or end up in a hearse im the fucking Bull you got the horns your just Thorns annoying
  • a little thing a little Prick but yet your fucking basic no race of Avoidin'
  • This Sick Verse is Black Death yours the Common Cold
  • I cut no Slack Smallpox you get your shots right through your flesh
  • Run from the Smoking Gun in this one on one have fun getting broken
  • God has not Spoken Your a Croaking Frog in a sock lemme get the glock
  • A constructive fraud your bars more than Flawed your in a deep Freeze then thawed
  • your bright's disease may i take your Kidney your corpse in Sydney
  • your in the Snipers Sights and burn your ass at the Stake
  • Im a Marine time to Intervene on this Wannabe Terrorist after he kissed my ass
  • And tried a Gas Bomb this shits faster than the grand prix
  • Your Name the first B for Beauty means your a tutee to learn real evil
  • Lets go to medieval torture im on a spree to burn with flame
  • You Yearn to learn Broken Bottle Bars And how to Efface
  • Have you Woken i topple you Scream Jenga learn
  • On a real Face Mean Mugs Fuck that Lemme Fire the Slugs
  • The Wheel of Thoughts pass you by because the Paper you write on
  • I wipe with the same shit and flush it down the toilet
  • And Crush your Porcelain game leave you to unemployment
  • Always an Ace up my Sleeve brace for the Challenger Destroyer
  • After all im my own Employer but i think i need a lawyer cause that Shuttle
  • Is gone You got no rebuttal time to Wash your greed for a win
  • Time to Skin the the John doe after a marathon Bomb
  • your a spawn of Shit everything you spit fuck just take an Sit
  • 3 lines left leave you in Civil Arrest your best could never
  • Measure to Apollo One Swallow the Destruction your rocket musta Malfunctioned
  • Stick to an easy Script fuck the Cheesy lines

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