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go all the way fuck out

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Battle on December 6 2018


  • To start its time to change guard
  • i hit hard with the remarks of
  • Pure wit i punched your ticket
  • i am wicked on the big stage
  • i tell em all eat shit your desperate
  • for your credit i get that your not legit
  • So go quit shit in the bucket
  • Thats where you belong
  • just another pawn
  • i'm King Kong where you went wrong
  • This where your problems are imma nascar
  • 200 miles fast open lanes breaking my chains
  • Running over your remains drink shit through a straw
  • Flash in the pan here i go imma superman
  • Just the next version its certain
  • imma on fire grabbing the garrote wire
  • Imma on an entire different level
  • Of being a devil grabbing the scissors and saws
  • Your wounds i got the salt call it assault its your fault
  • i stuffed you in a vault i haunt just wasting punch lines
  • And burning your signs changing headlines
  • I am just yelling at air prepare i fucking swear
  • you all best beware before i hit you like despair
  • The Wizard of oz your just a grandpa
  • Gizzards and gauze look here comes jaws
  • Hot grease from the pan burning batman
  • like a madman sulfuric acid
  • Eats your hand understand rewrite your Lines
  • before you get into fights under the big lights
  • Flow Rider Squash you like a spider
  • Eating you like a tiger
  • Lightning in a skillet
  • Splash of hot liquid imma twisted
  • and addicted imma Psycho
  • when i hit that flow go swallow a hoe
  • Try a little more to be hardcore
  • to even the score i will ignore the c4
  • imma ghost Rider Brighter diagnosed
  • you have been turned to toast even on the east coast
  • down to the westcoast your just another ghost
  • that i fucking roast while you choked
  • You must be blind man remind you imma japan
  • Quit playing you prick your just basic
  • so go lick your next door neighbors dick in public
  • my flows slick this battles tragic imma automatic
  • to causing panic its fantastic your just melted plastic
  • its so magic melted crayon you felt it my bombs
  • in my response your sucking a cock all around your block
  • Stop drop and roll you just lost your soul along with all control
  • you wanna getexplicit lets take a scenic tour visit
  • Your grave inside an empty space your a disgrace
  • Erase any trace when you hit the wizard of oz
  • your a lost bird i murdered and burned
  • saying you sick your just made of plastic
  • like a fake ass thats left in the grass instead of against glass
  • Soft as i get change your mindset that's no threat
  • i'll leave you in a shed covered in red
  • While you bled all over the internet
  • My flows tighter imma fighter
  • you just go struck by the viper empire
  • heres a flyer learn to earn your desire
  • End this shit learn to spit some legit
  • Bars clown raps my playground
  • your down now fucking shutdown


  • You call yourself darkJ, but I'll leave your face marked like my first cars fender
  • Bloodied and bruised like your tampon on your last period bender
  • Do I offend her, or maybe it's a him, or a mix like a blender
  • These shots I take, I'm the sender, I ball like Barclay center
  • Or maybe I drink, I know you need to to think straight
  • Cause your fluid in more ways than one, there's no debate
  • I eat cake, you eat meat, I come now, you came late
  • You a flake, snow up your nose that's your fate, you even date?
  • Cause death seems to be the only thing to get you elated
  • You sound asphyxiated, cause you choked when you masturbated
  • And when you try and come at me, your problems get exacerbated
  • Cause We're not friends, your just the dead space when the laughter faded
  • Now is the time I say this, you are not on my level
  • I walk the Earth, you live with what you worship, the devil
  • Think you the only one with a deal, darkJ you ain't special
  • I am the real reaper of souls, and I won't do it gentle
  • This is a mental game, I terminate eternal flames
  • I am nocturnal, my verses haunt you in your dreams
  • Better scream, cause my death note is now a journal
  • So your soul on my sleeve ain't alone, it's universal
  • See you a cat, pussy, I got a gat like Al Capone
  • Your claws may scar may face, but you will decorate my throne
  • As a carpet pelt, or as a statue of stone
  • I'll rock your top, knock you flat like I'm Sylvester Stallone
  • I don't even need to flex, but I'll still go straight for your neck
  • you are next, i got respect i gotta protect
  • and when your backs against the wall, you will shrink down to a fleck
  • like a flea you will flee from this battle, you insect
  • I only spit insecticide, so for you, this is suicide
  • and for me, this is pride, so you better move aside
  • before i let loose the gates of hell on you faker
  • and piss on your tombstone, I am the undertaker

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