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How do you mean you know me?
You don’t even know what I’ve been through
I wake and every morning
Pray that I don’t find issues, I buried
Sealed in my chest
I carry the weight of a war in my head like I’m Aries
Flip to Apollo I ride on my chariot, looking for love in my life
I want marriage
Embarrassed to say I was buried in lust and I perished
Blame all that shit on my arrogance half an American
Fully Aquarius, pop a dose, a born again visionary
Find that I’m torn between being a CEO
and a boring ass secretary
Leaning towards, founding a main branch no subsidiary
Step inside my mind, no remorse for my actions
Got out the past tense, back then my soul was blackened
Now I just follow my passions, see if they’ll lead me to paper that’s stacking
Viewing this life through every angle and accent, wide angled lens to a macro
Fill up my tank only premium gas though
Intaking that gusto, exhausting the bad smoke
Y’all don’t even want know me
Hit my phone but your phony
And nobody ever gonna owe me nothing
I’m used to just rapping my heart away
Fadeaway out on these 808s, fuck what the haters say
I put up numbers like Harden, in later games
Nobody saw my potential to bring home a ring, it’s on lay away
Endorsing the drinking and smoking and fucking, instead
While I’m just at home using music to sing and to spit it’s the medicine right for my head
This rap is my evidence, ever since I started
writing my life kept on changing
Frames rearranging, my pictures not painted just yet, nah

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