Baby girl

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i remember when
i remember when
i was all alone
and then you walked in
takin all my attention
you took away my aggression
i remember when
i remember when
a dude talked shit on you
and then i walked in
i was gonna beat his ass
but then you calmed me down fast
your scars are beautiful
that is no question
cuz your still alive
and you still pushin in
babe i love our connection
but did i forget to mention
your so pretty and
one in a million
your light it shines so bright
in my heart tonight
you put me into flight
and you help me glide
if they take you down
i will bring you up
they take you to the ground
i take you high above
we'll be up in they sky
girl they can go die
i love you so much
you like a counter-punch
you block my depression
i hope i do as much
i think we meant to be
can we exchange keys?
the day that you said "yes"
i have to confess
i was so damn scared
i was super stressed
but thats when i hugged you
and i said "i love you"
and you said "i love you too".

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