Rap Savior V

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Your mourn and roars were heard
I’m here to answer all the hurt
I know sometimes I seem quiet
But I’m back to define violence
Ooohhh, so praise the Rap Savior
Ooohhh, I’m raised to smack haters...
Ready for this one?
I’m a dangerous chemistry, my anger is viciously made of these military
Wicked instincts that’s sinking’ within from PTSD that’s caged within these dictionaries
Each adversaries has sincerely faced me raging just praying they given nearly
Their best, who’s up here next ready to get their head chopped off from their neck? Or would you rather lose a battle with your bare fist?
Oh it’s a hundred degrees, I’m that haunted disease outta harmin’ police
I’m hardly displeased but the Rona run y’all lives times harshly deceased
How can I pour it out my chest when I’m so damn hurt with I’ve invest
Carrying more weight on my heart, the more I’m mourning out what’s left
Burying those days far apart, gotta aim my shot by waving a dart
Bullseye the whole time for my arm to be engaged and making my mark
The world done got me pissed so now each word, thought shall impressed
I tour da shadow express, taking souls FOR taunting the flesh
I’m so garbage but y’all eating like a bunch of maggots
Suck the carnage off me, seeking for my blood, you haven’t
And will never get a drop of blood like you’re Dracula
I’m gonna drag you all, I rap too hard, it’s back to art
Im flipping pages of my verses with a spatula
(Too hot)
I’m really patient but I’m seeing hatred so I’m inking faces
Y’all need to watch men, tell me about all these Rorschach
Y’all need your thoughts back if you think I’m dump bag
You dumb fags, I got that gun strapped for fun task
All clocked back like your watches likes to run back
It’s your last moments to make it right before I
Perform rhymes that’ll deform lives, won by default, why?
Because I’ve become some evil mind...
Venom struck my DNA, I hit them upstairs anyways, YALL looking like sicken fucks from amine
All that face makeup remained paint on your face to the point I can’t avoid you look fake as fuck like Anna ay
All this Gucci gang and BTS feminism, I write on my loose leaf page, how can you BE THIS SLIM & anorexic
Shit, there’s always an imposter just among us
Lived all my days as an monster I’ll HAUNT YA
karate chop ya with an Hi Ya YALL mothafuckas
I didn’t earned no black belt, but own a couple pairs of them
After whipping my enemies asses, there’s no despairs for’em
I corrective action, I collective fashion to remind them those scars
So rest assured, they’re my pets for sure, or I rewind them those bars
They spent time behind, because they couldn’t figure out how to get out like they had writer’s block
I brain storm like hurricane season & fire sparks in Cali forests to the alley’s homeless, tired hun?
They treat me like bunch of slops, I dropped a couple of songs
Brought up topics that’ll keep you in your damn thoughts, when you’re in office stuck in lost and heartless punches you back to having heart attacks
They must’ve forgot the darkness tracks each step you left, my pen attempts spill ink from its tip since this shit whisked it’s way back to harm a trash
Rapper and as an master you fuckers fire shots like my armor’s blast~ ed
Will be the feeling of me getting killed, it doesn’t leave a proper crack
Enemies, they wandered back, over back to the point their ponder cast
Their emotions out like an explosion pounds just right under, AH
Exhaust fumes to detox you because I think you’re too environmental
Your entire billboard will fall when I arrive on charts, entitled win it all
They want me to be fed up with it, but forget I’m always pissed off within
Fortune I’ve never give up seconds away from this failure pressed up inches
From my soul to escape and go wherever it desires to go
People try to decipher my notes I wrote but the fire explodes
I’m a ghost to erase the hopeless that pray as these cowards bozos
Forfeit all they had set up sectioned right over the corner just an hour before
Im cypher terrorism a cyborg organism programmed to detonate
I’ve proclaimed and demonstrate power and prorate my dentist pay
Teeth clean but mouth is dirty, go to Pyongyang as Dennis mate
We’re all about making scores with these forbidden bitches
This what’s beheading for since they’re
Tormented, sicken
Women taught to hate us, these bitches are just a thot of chaos
Wont even know I’ll post them on pornhub with the thumbnail cameras
That took these shots, and I’ll just keep on here booking slots (sluts)
To show the world they’re adorable naked and looking lost
Funny thing is after this you all will be looking because she is lost
Probably im altering the depth of the loosely deep hole she is dumped...
Okay enough with the randomness, but my God I ain’t famous yet
As a Christmas gift I bought a Bible and a cross for a satanist
Watch him burned to flames as he turned the page to the end of revelations
I’m fed with every racist and even basic as people got me left in every basement
But once you open the door
I haunt your broken ass whore
And punch a spoken asshole
Who won’t shut the fuck up, I’m tired of these damn Kyles and Karens
I’m tired of caring, I swear that I’ll keep having this fire up flaring.
Your mourn and roars were heard
I’m here to answer all the hurt
I know sometimes I seem quiet
But I’m back to define violence
Ooohhh, so praise the Rap Savior
Ooohhh, I’m raised to smack haters...
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