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What's the purpose of living', when you got no motive' or reason
That's purples I'm sipping', when I'm emotive for seasons
How can I praise the Lord, when I'm Rollin' with demons
How can I erase my faults, when I'm fallen agreements
Listen, I'm a fine product of sin, knocking' down haters, I've never been pinned,
"#rocks" in and later, hate beneath my skin
repentance, mixed up with vengeance
Lemma tell you a story n' sentenced in center
Story of a guy who's done been kicked down, spat on
Call it Slays stairway to glory, or Slays speedway to throat
Came from royalty, but I'm broke,
known for loyalty slash being a practical joker
Been told “I'm like a doctor who dropped for playing poker”
Never breath a sigh of relief
Too old for that shit now so fuck the haters who never believed,
call me imposter because I be killing
Blessed, but not counting' for digits, I'm only few inches away from the towers and bridges
Middle finger to my #niches, bitch, who's laughing now despite the glitches
I'm a stronger, and better person, I erupt so bad like the red meeting' the Bison
Overdosed on #fights, homie call me #Tyson
#Listen, I got passion for the game
haters learned the #Lesson
Over confident, I'm way over the confidence stage
Got intensity of a boxer, I'm a monster mate
Prepare to be shocked, and stare
I got the devil on affair, murdering haters, yeah I'm unfair
I got no limits, my soul? I can easily spare
Fuck you for not believing', but thank you for being there
People keep asking’ me why don’t nobody know me,
Because nobody noticed me.
‘Cause you won’t show all the homies,
But I’m too busy focusing on my next opening,
To notice your bogus motives,
I’m too devoted.
See that guy that you thought was calm, cool, and collected,
Man, it turns out he’s not, dropping’ bombs, moving’ reckless,
Another song, another body off the checklist,
I ain’t even give a shit if you’ll check it,
‘Cause check it, I’m the next shit,
You want to miss it, that’s your own perspective,
But don’t expect a spot on the guest list.
Or a feature on the set list,
When I’m popping’ off in just a second.
Man, they think we playing’ Cav,
Guess they don’t know what happens when you play with the champs,
Next step is the top with with squad,
Catch me rockin’ with Nas
Earned our spot, like gods.
//Verse 2
I’m lookin’ down from Mount Olympus,
Watch the demigods walk amongst you,
You can’t see the crowns from that distance,
But I promise that you’ll see ‘em when you’re lookin’ up through
The clouds: it’s only days away,
Cavenaugh brought that loud, I just gave him a place to slay,
Look around, all the gods paved the way,
Started from the ground up, now we set the pace of play.
Only a couple of months ago, you ain’t know my name,
Now I own my lane, already showin’ gains,
Already growin’ fame,
If a couple of days of struggle can raise me,
Double the muscle should have me reigning.
Lookin’ around, lookin’ around, I ain’t see much competition,
Just a bunch of followers sayin’ their opposition,
A lot of talkin’ at my back while I stand beyond,
Try again when I’m walkin’ with the pantheon.
verse 3
i've been fading away
all of my pain and its fading away
that look in your eyes
you've been crazy for days
although i cant judge because i am insane
pick up the act and just be on my way
no cares about be because "i'll be okay"
hitting my wall but there's nothing to gain
keep up the light at the end of the way
these niggas keep saying that i am insane
these voices remind me of all of the pain
I'm coming back for your throat I'm off the dope now I'm coming with the smoke!
You have so many followers yet everything you spit is a fucking joke...
Careful Eminem don't cant budge me I'm fully awoke in beast mode!
You better acknowledge me as the goat! Get ready kid take notes...
Trash is what you promote I see right through you in this scope!
How do you even stay afloat? When I'm drilling a hole in your boat taking away every inch of hope!
Its hanging time bitch and I got the rope! I belong on the globe realest shit I ever wrote

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