your girl freinds rap

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i got 5 chicks you got 5 dicks wich micks micky mouse sucks your you dick
so shit you have with your crapy old licks on trouts you have big snouts
idc whatv the fuck you thank you stank your on rank lets see hey slim
can yuo catch this dudes grim like kim is the won who beat slim wich
ride on the rim be calm big fan you escape from bars i give you to mars
i ate a c4 like look at my shit before like you can get a fan shut it down
your choke hole no one dies im the dark rap your just a dude who desent
know how to rap your trash you make beats just like that your girlfreind
was on the bed tonight she bites all night your mama cockes and
wopes you ass big fella you lack som snakes but your on crack
so say one thing that one thing is you always post clean but im mean
so watch out im the dark rap who got your girlfreind and we talk smake

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