Heater Verse

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We Heat em up like a stove
Stay Miss matchin designer clothes
Im not the one you wanna oppose
Keep shit lowkey we don’t like to boast
Run yo mouth we’ll turn you to a ghost
Ain’t sellin dope but we give free smoke
Line em up like a line of coke
You Ain’t gon use it so don’t even tote
Show her how i live now she call me the goat
After that she gave me some throat
I just got my nut then i cut
Wanna be me like i just got cloned
She wanna see me yea i got that bitch stoked
Bitches down for the team like they enrolled
Basic ass fit like you on a dress code
Shit don’t phase me im in my zone
Free ma nigga tone
Hit you in yo dome
Give me respect like im sittin on the throne
Oakland is my home
You lookin like a clown and you ain’t smilin
She look at my drip and she get excited
But i feel ignited
I know my role like its recited
She felt misguided
But fuckin with me i gave her some guidance

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