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I believe in second chances
Only in certain circumstances
For example, not in romances
Maybe cus I've been damaged
I can never understand this
Girls always playing games with emotions
Going and making all of this commotion
And then they say its cus you need to show more devotion
Like b**tch please, if my heart was on my sleeve
I'd get diseased every time that we sneezed
So don't mislead what I do because I concede whats real to me
Its for security, because if you decide to leave,
I want the ability to still breathe.
And essentially what Im spittin is
A fear of commitment with
Everything that means gettin with
You and everything that you represent
Because in my eyes I've realized an unlived life
So now I try to define what I think is right
So when asked why I deny myself a Wife
Its cus love can't fly when tied by a plight.

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