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I've just been so depressed lately
so bummed out and no reason why
I know it's a given feeling and not an innately
All I wanna do is just sit and cry
Feel my tears slowly crawl down my face
I don't wanna do anything anymore not even smile
Inside I can't help but feel ashamed and disgrace
I know I'm sad, I'll skip the first step, theres no point in denial
I have nothing here for me, nothing to lose
man I'm so lost in my head i don't know what to do
happiness avoids me with hatered and vain, a manner quite ruse
Depressed emotions are coming over me in slews
I think I'm going to just quit and give up
I mean even If I try and hang on, I won't gain a thing
My life is a circle, that's repeatedly f***ed
I can't shake this feeling, no matter how hard I try it just clings.
I can't help but just sit and here and vibe man
Nah this isn't pro, and it's not about a dude named stan
But it's still a sad story of how life just goes by
We all have time limit, a time and place that we die
I can't shake that feeling that I'm here for nothing
I ain't good at anything, and I'm always in sh**
I always wake up in the night feeling that slight sting
So I think this is guys, I'm done, I quit..

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