Red Dot (feat. K-Klipz & Roane)

• Written by  • Featuring K-Klipz and Roane

My killers official we gripping them pistols I hope that they hit you
Won't have a scene man it seems actually guarantee no one will miss you
News papers won't say shit I aim it and spray it if you're having issues
Try play me I'm crazy guys hate me crybabies yo do you need tissues?
Fuck Teflon you get popped your head got a red dot but you ain't a Hindu
In one hand lightsaber the other is waving a mace like I'm Windu
Just save it for later you pausing just forfeit cos you won't continue
Fuck Teflon you get popped your head got a red dot but you ain't a Hindu
Red dot never miss
Fuck up the vibe by taking a life, you made me your nemesis
I’m in your mind, that’s too many times you talked to your therapist
Who is surprised whenever I tried and made it look effortless
I’m lighting the fire I’m lighting the fire
Speak of the devil and he shall appear
Looked in the mirror, he already here
I’m making records, I reckon I’ve wrecked any chance of reconciliation
Ain’t no fucking way that blood’s running clear
If what I said was unclear
I don’t give a fuck bout anyone here
You was on tough shit talking bout gear
You out of luck shift-shifting your gear
Whispers in ear got you changing your tune and dripping them tears
Raining monsoon, Waiting for news, Playing up, Acting like I ain’t state
Your wake coming soon, Bitch I ain’t got fear
Red dot aimed till you beg
One in the leg, put two in the chest and three in the head
My demons will rest whenever I get my feed of revenge
I needed respect, it’s evident that shit gone lead to your end
I ain’t mean to be the one to play these games
If you’ve seen what I’m like underneath this face
You wouldn’t speak to me with hunger for my rage
I concede they may have stumbled to they grave
But they ain’t stumble in nothing
I pull up and buck, like I’m running with Giannis
I’m on the come up and you know that I’m gunning
I aim at the top, like I’m popping a muffin
You start at the bottom and finish with nothing
I been in a league of my own
When you hear the name of Roane
Better get up and start running
Coming for your skull
I’m finished breaking bones
Don’t flee til you over
Vince in 2000
This ain’t been a challenge
Yo face on my poster
So many bodies
I caught as a hobby
One need to move over
I been a legend
Since I was incepted
I came out the womb like a soldier, look
Red dot never miss
Married to it, everybody get lit
Jealous of the way she come from my crib
Ask her nice she give your forehead a kiss
Treat her right and you gone love the defense
Treat her wrong and she gone come for the kids
Treat her to her favorite meals, but if you see her with another, then dip, Roane

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