Pull Up

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Hook (Faro)
I pull up in the dark, in the night
I got nothing on me
Got the birds in the trap and they singing
Got me running the scene
What you got, I need hunid bands and a rari
Yeah Just pull out all the Louis bags, with the money Yeah
Counting bandz where my money
Better hand it here it get ugly
Bet i have no fear but i'm hungry
I could really tear in your tummy
I will give you a prayer
I'm your worst nightmare
Say goodbye to air
Think about it man you were never there
So how the fuck you want me to be anywhere
If i pull up it's gonna be to square
Going up now and i will meet you there
Going to the stars and i left
But they still say that i ain't right
Trying to dictate my life
Fucking my life up
Fucking my life up
Telling me times up
Well bitch i'm down to put a body in the ground
Motherfucker make a sound
My partner lay u down no matter where you found
Got the blocka extra rounds
I ain't messing round even on this kill streak the bodies make a mount

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