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All y'all need to stop,you'll pop
Thinking you got bars I'll take you back to the planet Mars
Looking like afreakin' manatar
You mythical beast
Let me chop you up with some raps like I trapped you in the maze
All you do is gaze in the Gucci stance
Track you down with my radar
Boy you thought you was a best
When you can't even roar
I got all the power
All you got is sour I rap with a soul
That's why you have a big*****mole
What you talkin about,I'm rich,more bars,more soul
I don't need no friend,I don't need no friend no
Cocked the pistol,checked the pin break my shit wit a breaking pin
We the MB'S you be mopping outta street
You're weak like seven days,you deserve Boos
You don't have a stack of cash or a flashy pad
Seen you last week drivin a taxi cab
I bet your whole crew was a bunch of rent-A-homies
And now you lie in bed,lonely
You persona's a facede the only girls you get are the page of catalog
We the Kings the real MB'S
We fly higher than the bees
Areal rap disaster,if you really wanna battle me
Silly man you couldn't even find my pen with your dumb rhymes
I don't need no friends,I don't need no friends no

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