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Just bust a rhyme
Like busta rhymes
Busta rhymes
With touch the sky
Gimme the nine
While I fuck this guy
When I’m done I’m gonna
Fuck his mind
I’m floating by
Open boat hoping my
Shit will finally sell
Choking rhymes
Cuz I’m fucking high
It’s hopeless
Ima gonna choke this
I don’t know shit
And I’m as broke as a
Motherfucking bloke
Nope I won’t give in to a
Woman streamer
So just string me up
With a coke line
Get rid of the pipe
And bring me some fucking hype
I might die tonight
But every time I fight
I feel a fucking light inside
Indicating I’m creating dope
And it goes to show I’m through
Waiting on a stupid date
What’s new- I’m super good at rape
Your aggravating me when you debate me
I realize you fucking hate me
But there ain’t a thing
You can say to implicate me
Despite your spite I’m accelerating
Fuck rehabilitation fuck patience I’m rejuvenated mastered acclimatization
I’ve tried auto erotic asphyxiation
After failing at banging Asians
I oughta stop overcomplicating shit
Maybe then I could accomplish things
Should seek job listings but there ain’t no fucking openings
It’s hopeless again
Here we be choking a friend
Right back at where I began rapping and ravaging the residents of hip hop
All the time my shit flops
Got flip flops with shit on the bottom

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