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Member when you had a jheri curl didn't quite learn
Life live, might as well, only way to learn
So in layman’s terms my words burn
if you didn't learn your lesson here, you bet your ass you wont learn it in heaven
nine eleven seven seven seven eleven in heaven
Chasing lettuce with rebels avoiding temples no heaven
killing people to get to yourself to heaven?
I run circles round these niggas' world like Saturn
there goes the light of your lantern, your life taken by Saturn
shouting till they hear me on Saturn lighting this path with my lyrical lantern
On top of Saturn, I'm sending shots from my rocket blaster
On top of Saturn, I'm sending shots from my rocket blaster
Well its the microphone blaster skill advance enhancer
Inhale My Color Purple
Questions enter the minds of people
Cause this album pack enough evil
Diablo, the one known as unholy and evil
(Shiva) diablo parade , a demonic crusade
Got a pound in the trunk ya know whats up, smokin on that ganja til the sun comes up.
The marijuana, The Ganja,
Chilling with my goons lighting ganja
to Pete. Ganja to Marijuana. Causing psychodrama when I end the
as the ganja smoke surrounds me,
Slingin you over the shoulder: Heart To Heart
Middle fingers up for what cause I'm rebellious
‘cuz most of rap’s buyers are teens and rebellious,
I don't give a fuck Now, sticking To A Rebellious Way.

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