Freestyle: Automatic

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Fantiago's Notes

Just like the title says, this is a freestyle of me going "automatic". I wasn't really thinking about what I was saying or what I wanted to say. I just rapped to the beat.

Semi- automatic
With the static
Ima magnet for the tragic
And the panic
And I've had it
And I'm finna go ballistic
Gun shots vanished
Take-out with your girl
And your girl embarrassed
Gang established
Bitch Im banished
Put a PSA cause I got that magic
Got a front spot in the NBA
Cause Im feeling like a God
Like a goddamn Maverick
But I speak too fast
And I read too fast
Anybody disrespect
Finna put em on blast
Aye, aint nobody could ever compete or compare
To my vibes cause its all fantastic
Need a life vest when I look in the mirror
Cause its clearer that Im drowning like I'm on the titanic
Bitch I was born as a star, no Patrick
Tryna spill blood but I can't get graphic
Drugs got me feeling like an acrobatic
Got me breathing hard like a damn asthmatic *breathe*
Bitch you better believe it
Im screaming at the top of my lungs
At the top of the tower
And Im only getting louder
Only getting prouder
Only feeling me with this damn horsepower
24 hours
Running on automatic
Gun automatic, Im so ecstatic
Im psychopathic
Nah im dynamic
Im Dino Dan
I put the Ex in T-Rex like a handy man
Call me Bob cause I built her like New Amsterdam
Shoutout all my little followers on Instagram
Shoutout those who doing business like a businessman
Its the Hamster dance
Whats the circumstance?
Im in the Taliban
You in the Taliban? With an orangutan
Gotta run and catch a flight out to Pakistan
Gotta run and save a bitch like Im Superman
Why you running? Why you running?
Straight up shoot the man
Straight erase his face
And when I erase his face
I cannot catch a case
Im too immaculate
I got the digit cause Im all up in the Cyberchase
I keep on winning cause Im playing the Amazing Race
Say Amazing Grace
I pray to God that my enemies don't leave a trace
They pray to God that they don't become a runaway
Im on Holiday I got a shooter just in case they wanna play today
I got a shooter just in case-
Lemme stop

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