No Way Out (Prod. Shonzy)

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Everybody’s chasing what I seek
Once you at the top who you really gon meet
The people at the bottom do not care what you need
There’s no way out for me
Never started at the top, but wasn’t at the bottom either
I got people wanting me to fall but they be bottom feeders
Tryna make amends with all these rappers that be wanting features
Why I gotta burden all my records with these awful creatures
Leeches in my life, they never satisfied
Give a man the answer still won’t get it right
Fam I been hunting perfection now it’s a way a life
Always in the studio focusing on this genocide
What’s it really mean to be great at something or on a roll?
People think they ill when they get a sniff like the common cold
Women tryna show what they packing like they been wrapping gold
But once they show the box, Fam I’m seeing Tyson, I gotta fold
Think they got a chance cuz they took a stand yeah they often bold
Thinking they a Queen, cuz they King is rocking a crown of gold
Seeing is believing they’re jacking up all their shots and hoping
One of em’ll stick to a diamond, but it’ll cop your soul
So what’s the money really mean?
If it really run the world, why we wanna flee?
Simplicity’s predictable, focus on opportunity
When the moment we gone wanna be free
My entire life I’ve been tryna get y’all to follow me
Living at the top I’ve got nothing but my apologies
Been tryna make amends in this world since I chose to follow greed
But now I’m noticing there was never a clear way out for me
Verse 2:
Lost in my soul
And I’m searching for answers I can’t have
I know the passion of words I put to this pen and pad
I know my passion is what allows me to battle back
But how much can I take when divinity is blocking my path
Humility is a concept that I ain’t ever had
I’m tryna reach for the stars with the world upon my back
I got no time for the frivolous things of life that’s why I’m ditching all of them in past, And focused on honing craft.
I know that there is a balance of life I’ve never had
YTime and time again I try pushing craft, but my family drags
Go the other way and my purpose gettin relaxed
And I don’t know if something’s worse than a destiny never hadY
I want the full course meal of my potential, devoured.
Penhouse lifestyle, diamonds in my shower
I want money so big that my great great grandkids
Can live off the crumbs and the rubble near the tower.
But are you willing to fight for the things you know ain’t yours?
Are you willing to steal kill, and devour more
Are you willing to be the leader in every war
Are you willing to die for the men that you’ve ignored?
So many questions you wondering what you fighting for
I’m teaching lessons to wealthy ones and the very poor
I’ll bring the army that Leonidas was yearning for
Bruises on my back getting slapped with all y’all pushing me forward
Everybody’s chasing what I seek
Once you at the top who you really gon meet
The people at the bottom don’t care what you need
There’s no way out for me

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