a great abomination

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I'm enigmatic
But mad at these who have at me for being erratic
I'm bad at being charismatic
Whatever happened
To the passion I declared was magic
I used to wear my glasses
without a touch of shame
and now i'm such a lame
of a cunt with straight a's
and a great abomination
aint it odd that they said
i was wasted on a stage
when i never started anything but hatred
Please dont embody me
I see the flaws but even I am bound slip an fall
believe the sirens call
and let her lead me off to sea
Beneath to deeper waters
and be eaten
dont you follow me
cause i am lost at sea
Don't want no part of these
Cause ain't nobody sorry
Till it cost their teeth
And all their cheese
There ain't no hardship that can bother me
Yeah maybe thats my problem
Always could aknowlege weakness
That's why I pushed it to the bottom
Never saught the treatment
Swimming in a tub of what I called achievements
as ignorant as Slug when he would waltz with demons
Another stick within the mud who's come to harm the sequence
So stop with the secrets
An lay your cards upon the table
You are what you eat
And the taste of shark cannot be savoured
As hard as it seems to embrace that
y'all are all in danger
Were part of a scheme
to erase the very art of nature
The horizon
Once sporting northern lights
Is being poisoned
By the white folk
The polar ice is like smoke
It's no surprise no
We pull our eyes closed
I bet there's more to life than being blind though

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