Legend in the makin(Freeverse)

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Aye Ima legend in the makin x4
You better back up check ya skill set before you come talk to me
These rappers all act up foolish ain’t got no offerings
Your talk is cheap get smacked Punk none of you here can walk with me
What your lackin(Lack on) is the killer instinct to go squash a beat
Why don’t you walk with me to your grave cause your all deceased
Get it your all diseased listening to my Ill artistry
Now that I’m out and starting things y’all are actin like martyred fiends
All out of the ol Ice cream y’all are tweakin here starting beef
Your not as large to me so dog you leave tomorrow chief
I get that your borrowing flows hoe you fall to defeat
Get it go suck a cock mumble rappers fall to there knees
Bitch Ive been killin this shit you all now will fall to me
I wanted you all to see inner skill to a large degree
I am out here assaulting beats record labels are callin me
Take this song as a warning the killer bee’s here to swarm the street
There is no bossing me cause this shit here it doesn’t cost a thing
Aye Ima legend in the makin x4

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