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I’m back from the dead
When they yelled off with his head
Like I owed’em debt
I paid’em back with a pad full of pen
Only transact in lead
In fact almost all my cred
Comes from shit that fell out my head
When I went off of my meds
But when I detox
It’s gonna take at least three flocks
Of angry cocks
To make me stop
Not a phenom cause I roast these retards for free ya?
Look I’m on TV mom
Remember that scene from Network where Beale would lecture and for his efforts they shot him head first
Guess that’s what you get for trying to be clever
Shoulda saved his breath even after death they don’t remember
I don’t traffic in accidents
So you’ll know exactly what happened when
I catch you relaxing in the back seat of your Camry
Like thee MC I begin hammering
Where are my manners, gee
I’ll bury you next to your family
In fact I’ll take down the whole family tree
It’s kind of a tragedy
Every branch was a fan of me
Had to stay up late to laminate every page of hate
so when I end the date and she starts to pray
I can still concentrate on what I want to say
No blood spray to get in my way
after I maim her thigh leg
still deny meh then I splay the entire brain
Oh and by the way
no I am not insane
he said
I think I might be Mesopotamian
Cause I learned to write from some aliens
Always salient when I’m nailing it
I mean impaling detailing how you failed me kid
Don’t say you never mailed it in
Cause I swear there’s less words in your whole record than I censor from one measure
And even those ones were pretty clever
Even though most a these notes invoke anecdotes of how I’d go post-
No I don’t hate your throat
I’m just trying to get to your vo-
Good lord is there any more to his lore that we must endure
Already found a corpse under his floor
Right next to Lenore
A fan of poe akin to an animal when I attack a stack of manuals
You, a casual won’t reach the peak of the canyon wall when you see my Matterhorn
In laymen’s speak when you read something factual in the latter bars
Even if it’s in capitals
you won’t understand it all
God damn it’s not fair
These ideas inside ears
Not mine just find there
From legions that hide here
Like to imbibe from my lair
But I spit like a Chimera
I’ll make you realize fear
The myth isn’t jist lies yea
Still alive in your nightmares
Ya’ll better steer clear cause when I’m near I leer like a quiet stare
minus care
the finest mare for my chair
This rarefied air is over your head like double dare
Once I get on a tear I’ll rip both sides till hope dies no surprise most votes lie
So don’t approach minds with coke eyes cause most of those guys make lonely folks die in their off time
So cold behind eyes when my
throat elopes with my mind
so Chile like I’m enclosed in a coal mine
won’t die for my crimes cause sleuths (sluices) lie so won’t induce my
legal suit to include time
this canary has a new chime but I won’t sulfur if you cry
even if my whole crew dies won’t sue guys
just ensue like I’m in pursuit not fur loot
I’m sure you
Git what I mean
Like homer in that one scene
where he talked to Burns and he started to sing
About his vest
A gorilla chest
Yeah you know the rest
I feed on unrest
like Rip Van Winkle woke up to see a
society that’s just constant baited by wingers
So tired of your shit take a middle finger
This is what it looks like to fuck’em up
But not give a single
They’d suck my cock for a feature
But I don’t shed blood for the leechers

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