Manifesto of The Mind

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these thoughts that I manifest inside my head,
Can't be replicated, cause they lack the cells to implement
All the blueprints, Rhyme schemes and patterns I commend
Got an aresenal, they don't want me to write these raps in red,
See, I was down some, until I got my ass up on that ledge,
I took a one way trip to hell, but somehow I still came back
Now I'm all stacked, balls in my court, like shaqs on attack,
Better haul ass, When I get to runnin like a tank,
There ain't no pausin,
There ain't no stoppin......
When I get to poppin off at the mouth,
Like some top head, I'm talkin shit thats high up on the shelf,
It's a hard pitch, to many bitches don't know it well enough to start it,
Like their car is broke down on a hill,
That's a car wreck,
Don't get me started.....
Half you all don't got opinions of your own,
Other halfs retarded, and a mixture of um both,
Were all projects, some yall just don't really know yet,
But Your in for hardships, when you wake up from your comas,
This I promise,
Just be honest,
With yourself, put aside the political hell,
Open your eyes, to the minimal doubt,
We'll start there, I'm prepared,
To make you see what the pinnacle bout,
You gotta open your mind,
You can't care what the minimal crowd think,
That suppresses your rights,
But you can't vandalize, that's criminal aight,
and you come to my house, bullets might fly,
First thing on mind, protect my family,
2nd amendment gives me that right,
Please don't take it out as bein spiteful,
A warning shot if you don't comply,
See I'm nice, them terrorist marxist they'll be just fine,
They'll see their day in court,
All these traitors bent to tear us apart,
Leadin the blind to slaughter can't look good for the cause,
Can it ros?
But I'm prepared to command a mob,
if the police won't protect my property,
From the bandits involved,
God dammit you all

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