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I'm one of the greats
Watch me shut it down on the stage
Repping you and I will never be safe
Until we break out this cage and conquer space where always going to be destined for the grave
So fuck it
Fuck it
I only give a fuck about myself
You dont call me a puppet
There's no one up next
It just wouldn't be good for my personal health putting that pussy on the top shelf
All i need is Qanon and a little bit of wealth
To turn this club in to horror scene like the last House on the left
But don't be kidding your self
I dont want to flex
Words aloud 2020 I'm the best
I know im been watched by the 13 banking families from the west
But my names still not up their in the spotlight cashing cheques
Because I know how to operate in the dark like the specs
And not worry about who I got to pay for next
Ill be wanting to make big cash with you
But you won't see me spending it on a bitch with a big ass
i gotta create me a self replicating task
That guna speak to me when I ask
Because its been a lonely past
Losing friends every time I relapse
But i don't do the maths
I'm supposed to be immortal looking at these stats
A.i fucking up the scene like portal
Established in britain like vauxhall
Where cats are sold as part of the detail as normal
Dont things gotta change
Its like where living in the bronze age
Dumbed down and killed of the state
This has got to be lucifers cage
Because everything I see around me is fucking fake

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