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I never really knew what I wanted
I just went along with whatever my heart did
Rather be a stupid adult than a smart kid
Right back here where I started
//Verse 1
It's serendipity.
Watchin' as my life unfolds
You gotta be kiddin' me thinkin' im litterally just a pile of bones
I'm young.
Sprung from the box like Jack did
An average fat kid,
struck like a match stick
Stuck in a bad trip,
an acid reflex
To reflect my past and ask whats happenin'
Ill sit right here,
between the truth an the made up
Wonderin if I grew or just gave up (Say what?)
Used to toss pennies in the fountain,
Then Id fish em out an count em,
Buy a bit of spliff once I had myself a thousand
wishes are for those who are simply never satisfied
mightve reached my peak but who knows if it could happen twice
I haven't changed, just the game I'm playin' is all
Didn't learn a thing in the days that came before
This voice is rambling
night an day
My breaths a bag of coins and i'm gambling my life away
Call me stupid
say that I'm just some kid who can't do shit
truth is
Mitch spews fluent conclusions
the proofs in the music
so tune in
wise as Confucius - but
y'all think i'm clueless
My nose to the grindstone
an all I got was mucus
truth is
Mitch spews fluent conclusions
the proofs in the music
so tune in
//Verse 2
They see me like an amateur,
treat me like I can't endure
Just another green bean popped out of the can and served
Nobody listens, it's as if i'm spittin' spanish words
It'll be another minute till this man gets heard
We talk all night
About the height of the horizons
But The ones who finally climb em
are the only who defy them.
I'm fine, soon i'll reach the island,
I can even see it now if I pry open my eyelids
My kids
Won't sink into my shadow
'cause I'll cast a ray a sunlight for those rascals
So for the sake of sons and daughters that I hope to have
somethin' sharp has better come from all this broken glass
I got a lot to learn about the way this world spins
a whirlwind of booze, pride, fear and girlfriends
always been searchin for simplicity
But the lesson to be learned i guess is simple isnt free

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