Reckless Menace

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MethsuitDemon's Notes

Mixed by the amazing Roane, massive thanks to him. Anyway I hope you all enjoy x

All I see is red mist, red eyes, red fist
Get this, mess with me you dead bitch
No shit, just like covid, my flow is, too infectious
Still never get it, don't mess with reckless if ever one better
I'm every competitors' menace
Look up from hell and I am there, too divine don't pry or stare
Pray for yourself recite a prayer, or diss me you can try I dare
I ain't got no pride or main but always take a lion's share
What have you got besides a name and heightened fame, cos I don't care
Just dropped a square, now I'm acting booky
Acid confuse me, this magical beauty
Won't last and my past is coming back to just shoot me
If you on stabbings then do me, you pussy! You know where I live
You ain't so hard cos you're wrapped up in gucci
You're flaccid not booky, claim you on cheffings
My bredrin get slapped in the face you ain't slapping an uzi
And that's true g cos I'm never a kidder or jester you better consider
That I'm Jack the ripper bitch I'm out at night, never leave without a knife
Pull up if you're about that life, bitch you just fucking shout at mics
My sound is nice and wicked, not just in it for the clout and ice
Dream vivid, can't believe the life I'm living, live it livid
See no bigger picture bitch you stuck in written scriptures, thinking image
Isn't shit to me... But blessed by the heavens I bet that they're jealous
They still never ever will get it, don't mess with reckless if ever one better
I'm every competitors' menace
And I'm still winning just for the record
So don't ever try and spin it back on me
I don't like talking, still alive walking
While you guys mourning over tapped zombies
What is this? This is a lyrical hit list
See I don't dismiss your dissing, I'll smoke you, roll you in rizlas
And like for instance, you missing then somehow got wound up a victim
Found in the ditches under bridges dripping soaking like fishes
Know that karma coming round full circle so just give it up
Sipping cups and vibing cos my vibe is just not giving fucks
Spitting slugs and hitting drugs, but my rhymes are shining
Just like lightning strikes that shit erupts, now tell me who these little punks
Think I'd give a shit about them?
Now then not a single doubt when
Thousands posting drip or drown
I'll drown these drips all in a fountain
Wow I guess these pricks are clowns then
Pound 'em like the hound and mountain
Proud because my sound's astounding
Play it loud, the bass is bouncing
In a day I spent hundred quid
Just from all the drugs I did, the cups I sipped and blunts I lit
Money thick, still I'm just a kid,
Free spirited, dreams limited, teen hypocrite
Parents predicted it, don't give a shit
I'm scummy and I'm ignorant, getting fucked's the motive
Smoke the roaches till I've finished it
Only blowing potent draws of reefer, forty dealers: that's unlimited
Not intimate, so please don't call me geezer (Giza)...
Cos bruv I ain't your pyramid either
Sip tequila, smoking og kush and potent reefer
Roll with ether, blowing Os on the phone with dealer
Six xans lil peep, save that shit blow my speaker
Sip codeine litres, overdose but I don’t know the reaper
So I’m still living, cos the hoes they need us
Bitch I’m gone blow like heaters please just do not grow a fetus
Stoned achiever genius rhymes so seamless with a cynical take
Unpredictable ways like the missiles that wait
Man I'm God's plan like a single from drake
I'm the lyrical great...
Got that loud smoking indica
Tripping off triple of spliffs that you're hitting
I never pass out I max (Imax) out like a cinema
Bitch I'm angelic ahead of the of the zealous
Don't beg it the wettest get sent to the medics
They'll still never get it, don't mess with reckless if ever one better
I'm every competitors' menace

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