Sunday Sixteens Episode 3: Water...

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Ay look,
Know that I rap for the culture
I don’t know how many times that I’ve told ya
I been a legend since I was a yungin, and if you ain’t with it, you must be a vulture
Hiding away with the bushes, like you ain’t been trimming and now need a mower
I got a package that fitna get blessed by a woman here thinking the meat kinda kosher
I been out here tryna coach her (ugh)
Aint nobody need to know here
Beat the back into a hunnid halves, have her walkin around on her shoulders (ugh)
After me she gone be done done
Fitna speak and she go dumb dumb
Take her back into my crib and I’m given her therapy, and she go (uh uh)
Call me a flaming rhinoceros cuz you know boys be horny as hell
I got a load of things Imma ask your friends, better go wish them well
Gimme that tail, fitna hammer in, no nails
Lemme get a hit of what they sell
Flow be looking like a water park and they be beggin for me not to tell (shh)
I ain’t got a problem withcha body girl
We could make a movie of us in the sea
Every chance I get I’m fitna rock your world
Drown all your regrets in this in this Hennessy
We want that water water
Drip it on me, I’m not the enemy

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